Wednesday, March 3, 2021
The North Will Rise Again
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Those Dancing Days play bouncy pop but are punk as fuck – by Lucy Cage

Those Dancing Days are five girls from Stockholm who play bouncy pop but are punk as fuck says Lucy Gulland

New Blood 9: Y Niwl

If you like this please Tweet it, Facebook it or leave a comment website for band There's so much great stuff out there. 2011...

New Blood 4: Scribe – by John Robb

Scribe Mumbai is an intense city, a fast forward into the future crammed with a million stories and a fast ranging soundtrack. Bollywood is the...

2 7’s Clash the first instalment of Mick Middles epic take on Manchester punk 1977

Two Sevens Clash Dispatches from punk Manchester, 1977 If architecture is frozen music then what, one might feasibly ask, could be evoked by the stark concrete...

Dead Skeletons

I don't have any truck with those who say music was 'better in my day'. All the time the glory of the internet throws up another great tune and another band you can get immersed in




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Godspeed You! Black Emperor announces new album ‘G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!’

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announces new album G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! The iconic and influential...

Bitterman: Abysm – EP review

Bitterman - Abysm (CBRG) CD/DL Out Now The latest offering from rhythmic rockers Bitterman is dark and...

First look at Danny Boyle’s Sex Pistols film…what do you think

Like everyone we are intrigued by Danny Boyle’s upcoming film about the Sex Pistols...

Psychedelic Furs: Wrong Train – new video & revised UK tour dates

  Psychedelic Furs: Wrong Train - amazing new video and revised UK tour dates in...

New Machines: Four – single review

New Machines: Four (Bandcamp) CD | Vinyl | DL | Stream Out Now New Machines release...