Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Doyle and the Fourfathers – album review

D&TF as they are known for short, are a four-piece band from Southampton who managed to captivate me within a few minutes of listening to one of their songs.

Betraeus ‘Towards the Sun’ – EP review

Gritty and at times haunting vocals with harsh and blistering guitar riffs.

Dirty North – album review

"Dirty North are one of those bands everyone should be talking about"

Introducing: Horse Brothers

Like Bow Wow Wow jamming with Jon Spencer

Introducing: Chinese Burn

Tight, economical melodic punk from Stroud

10 new bands for November 2011 Shell Zenner introduces 10 new bands for November 2011 1. Gardens and Villa - Santa Barbara based Gardens & Villa have made a...

Introducing: Bethia Beadman

Beth Beadman sings with a rich, dark voice that oozes a powerful, spiritual modern blues.

Introducing: Dirty North

Reni from Stone Roses bigged up Dirty North at the press conference, we tell you who they are...

Introducing: Ministers Dead

the spirit of jello Biafra!

Introducing: Islet

Cardiff band twist music into new shapes

Introducing: Folks

Every song they have recorded on their demos is a piece of perfection

Iceage – album review

30 minutes of punk rock genius





2 of Manchester key music venues : Gorilla and the Deaf Institute to close

Yet more victims of the pandemic - two of Manchester favourite venues, Gorilla and the Deaf Institute are to close.

Various Artists – Super Sonics – ’40 Junkshop Britpop Greats’ album review

Various Artists - Super Sonics RPM 2CD/DL Released 17 July 2020 Subtitled "Martin Green Presents 40 Junkshop Britpop...

Marilyn Manson teases new album on his instagram

The brilliant twisted genius of Marilyn Manson seems to be returning to the frontline. Just when we needed a twisted heavy album full of intelligent provocation to unwrap and wallow in the

Asylums: Genetic Cabaret: album review

Wayne Carey has a blast of Brit soaked grunge from the Southend's Asylums.

Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe – The Devil Laughs – album review

  Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe - The Devil Laughs Tiny Global Productions CD/DL Released 17 July 2020 Two...