Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Gable: fascinating French avant gardists – an interview

'Tant Pis' or "ludique"- you decide

10 new bands for April 2011

more great new music...

Four new bands from Lancashire

White swallow "When you strip rock n roll down to it's basic parts it is thrilling."

Manchester DJ Dave Haslam champions new bands at Manchester International Festival

some of the best new bands in the UK set to play MIF

El Torro – New Liverpool garage punk surf band

a loveless gathering of miscreants out to spread the garage disease...

Best new Bands for March 2011 by Shell Zenner

Shell Zenner picks her top 10 bands for March

Conquering Animal Sound – new Glasgow band

recommended by Vic Galloway...

Interview with Yuck, one of the best new bands in the UK

“I expect no one to turn up this afternoon”

Folks are a great new band, if you can hear them!

Folks are Manchester\'s best kept secret





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God Damn: Secret Lock Up Party, Minerva Works, Birmingham – live review

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The Stranglers/Ruts DC: Berlin – live review

No one is really sure how to describe the Stranglers. They started years before punk then scared the shit out the London punks as well as out selling them with their menacing and genuinely frightening

Operation Petticoat – film review

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