Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Introducing: Bethia Beadman

Beth Beadman sings with a rich, dark voice that oozes a powerful, spiritual modern blues.

Introducing: Dirty North

Reni from Stone Roses bigged up Dirty North at the press conference, we tell you who they are...

Introducing: Ministers Dead

the spirit of jello Biafra!

Introducing: Islet

Cardiff band twist music into new shapes

Introducing: Folks

Every song they have recorded on their demos is a piece of perfection

Iceage – album review

30 minutes of punk rock genius

Sharp Tongues – debut single reviewed

Den* Farnworth cuts to the chase.

David J Roch – angel or devil?

"Wow!" reckons David Barnett...

Lola Colt – sensational live review!

David Barnett finds something to get excited about in North London.

The Narrows & Vei – Live review

New music from Manchester: The Narrows and Vei take familiar ingredients and do something unexpected with them....

10 new bands for September 2011

Better late than never eh? September is always the month for musical madness as the industry leaps back into work mode after festival season....

The Moose Machine – Live review The Moose Machine Liverpool O2 Academy Saturday 3rd September 2011 Here at LTW we love X-Factor and have published a number of articles from John...





Super Weird Substance join forces with Bella Technika for tripped out psychedisco grooves : sounds great

wonk grooves with primal vocal evoke the halcyon days of house music. Idiosyncratic slicing the hypnotically repeated vocals in and out of chugging psychedisco grooves.

Nightingales announce new album and tour

2020 is looking like an exciting year for the Nightingales. Following the UK tour the group are due to play their first gigs in Spain and Portugal, with more European dates lined up for later in the year. Meanwhile, “King Rocker”, a documentary feature film about Robert Lloyd and the Nightingales, is currently in the final edit

Legendary rock photographer Kevin Cummins in conversation with John Robb in Manchester about his new Sex Pistols photo book : tickets and details

Legendary rock photographer Kevin Cummins in conversation with John Robb about his new Sex Pistols photo book...............

Container Announces New Album

Container (aka Ren Schofield) has announced a new album, Scramblers, out 20 March 2020...

Alzheimer’s Society Fundraising Album From Perpetuity Set For Release

On the 24th July 2020 a compilation of new works will be released, under...