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Record label interviews

14 Hour Super Weird Happening, The Florrie, Liverpool: review

Louder Than War took time out to experience the relaxed vibe at the 14 Hour Super Weird Happening in Liverpool and found a garden of delights.

Lord Kesseli and the Drums – EP Review

Lord Kesseli and the Drums (Ikarus Records) DL/LP Out Now Switzerland. Home of Nucleic Acid, Absinthe, Velcro, the Swiss Army Knife and the Toblerone. It's also been home...

Premiere: MJ Hibbett and The Validators ’20 things to do before you’re 30′

We premiere the new single 20 Things To Do Before You're 30 by MJ Hibbett and the Validators

Metalheadz Music – Release Roundup

As is the norm with all things Metalheadz there has been an onslaught of top quality releases lately with more to come. Simon Tucker...

Interview: My Favorite and Death Party Records

Enduring class-act My Favorite release a great new single on the revived and relocated Death Party Records. Glenn Airey has a chat with main players Michael Avishay and Michael Grace Jr. Pic by Jenny Panic.

Announcing BAT-BIKE’s first studio album: Getting Back

To start 2016 on a high, BAT-BIKE release their first studio album, ‘Getting Back’, on the 29th of January on Trashmouth Records. The experimental...

Meatraffle: Hi Fi Classics – album review

Meatraffle - Hi Fi Classics (Trashmouth Records) Out Now LP/ DL 8/10 Louder Than War's Roxy Gillespie reviews the new opus  from Meatraffle. The lead track from the forthcoming album...

Interview: Liam May of Trashmouth Records

Louder Than War's Roxy Gillespie interviews Trashmouth Records's head honcho Liam May. Trashmouth Records already have a whiff of notoriety about them, due to their...

Louder Than War Interview: Chris DeCarlo of KLYAM by Carrie Quartly

"We're going to slay the music industry and wipe out all the indie twerps. Bring punk slime into the high schools, the middle schools, the elementary schools...and if we have time the preschools."

Oasis: Some Might Say – 20th Anniversary

Oasis scored their first number 1 single with Some Might Say 20 years ago - we mark the anniversary with an in depth look at the band at that time

Interview! Cutting edge LA label DeathBomb Arc turn seventeen and release brilliant free compilation. We talk to label boss Brian Kinsman

Interview! Cutting edge LA label DeathBomb Arc turn seventeen and release brilliant free compilation. We talk to label boss Brian Kinsman.

Interview With Mick Ross of Newcastle Label Mono Records

We talk to Mick Ross of Newcastle label Mono Records about the ethos behind the label, upcoming releases and more.


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Pink Suits: Political Child – album review

Pink Suits - Political Child    (Self released album) Vinyl (out soon) / DL (available here now) Keith...

Veik: Surrounding Structures – album review

Veik: Surrounding Structures (Fuzz Club) LP | DL Out 30th April 2021 Veik's new album, Surrounding Structures, is...

Sex Gang Children: Oligarch – album review

Sex Gang Children: Oligarch (Liberation London) CD/DL/Stream Out 23 April 2021   Original goths Sex Gang Children...

Paul and Linda McCartney ‘Ram’ : album review

Defying rock’s dated notion of cool, Macca McFab’s second post Beatles outing really stands the test of time with its melodic, playful and cleverly  stripped down songs predating indie lo-fi by decades. 

Philip Goth (Felice Brothers) Announces Debut Single – news

The ever-reliable Team Love Records have announced the release of the debut solo record...