Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Max Richter offers Voices to a world in urgent need of some healing

Max Richter doesn’t do things by half – his epic Sleep is an eight-hour concept album based on human slumbering and his new album...

Billy NoMates : interview

The fast rising Billy No Mates is about to release here debut album. Her stripped down beats and rapid fire delivery that details the magic and mundanity of the very days sees her sound like a distant cousin to the Sleaford Mods but her own defiant twist. When the album drops she is going to be the talk of the town...John Robb caught up with her to find out who she is and why she sounds to urgently brilliant.

INTERVIEW: Armenian-Ukrainian rappers Samuum shed a light on bride kidnapping

Armenian-Ukrainian rappers Samuum shed a light on bride kidnapping. There are not many music videos that feature a woman tied to the roof of a...

INTERVIEW : Creation23 – Alan McGee ‘I am still driven by rock and roll’

Alan McGee explains how and why he is still motivated and celebrates two years of his new label and its rosta of music and bands that is starting to breakthrough to match his illustrious past

Himalayas – fast rising Welsh band with a touch of the Manics about them speak to John Robb

Himalayas are a fast rising young band from South Wlaes who take on the Manic Street Preachers mantle of intense yet populist melodic indie rock. This is a sound that will fill stadiums when they are open again. John Robb caught up with the band here...

WATCH THIS! Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai) in depth interview with John Robb

Mogwai have been reshaping post rock or whatever you want to call that space for years now. In truth they operate brilliantly in the shadows of post punk, soundscape, soundtrack and even Goth to create stunning spectral pieces that are captivating and thrilling. They are also eloquent and outspoken as John Robb found out when he spoke to band member Stuart Braithwaite.

Interview! Nadine Shah on her brilliant new album and much more

WATCH THIS! Nadine Shah interviewed by John Robb about her wonderful new album and her powerful and eloquent thoughts on being a women in 21st century UK and her unique background and so much more

A Guy Call Gerald: Black Secret Technology 25th Anniversary interview

According to LTW boss John Robb, there's a new wave of drum-n-bass bubbling on the Manchester underground scene as I write this. What better...

BMX Bandits Duglas T. Stewart talks to LTW’s Harry Mulligan about staying safe during Lockdown

LTW's Harry Mulligan speaks with Duglas T. Stewart, the frontman from the BMX Bandits, the Wizard of Whimsy, & one of Scotland’s National Treasures!

Paul Draper : interview

When they crashed and burned ten years later they left a legacy of great album and an unfinished ending that their driving force Paul; Draper comes to terms with in this in depth and heart on the sleeve interview. Here he talks about his production and his solo career and plans for the future...

James Atkin (EMF) – interview

James Atkin has been working hard during the lockdown, conspiring with Richard March (PWEI) to pull together old friends from the 90s indie music...

Bob Vylan : interview with the punk grime band of the moment

I would argue that pop culture is very much is black culture. It’s the parts of black culture that the majority is happy to take part in.





Lying Cat: A Pleasant And Profound Hand Into A Peaceful Death – album review

Lying Cat A Pleasant And Profound Hand Into A Peaceful Death Cue Dot Records CD|DL released...

“Tsoi. The Summer Won’t be Over” – K-Gallery, St. Petersburg

With the title playing around the name of his legendary song “The Summer Will...

Crystal Axis: Take The Throne — single review

Crystal Axis Take the Throne Out Now The commanding anticolonial punk rockers out of Nairobi are generating...

Blondie announce UK Tour 2021

We are excited to announce that legendary New Yorkers Blondie are to tour...

The Sunny Smiles Three: Fireman Spaceman Mermaid – album review

The Sunny Smiles Three: Fireman Spaceman Mermaid  FR Records CD/download Out on November 2 2020 When...