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Brix & The Extricated, Exclusive Video Interview

Nigel Carr interviews Brix and the band about new album Breaking State released 26 October!

New Band of the Day: Margot – exclusive interview

New band of the day Margot exclusive interview. Having released 2 singles so far, the band have showcased their natural crafted songs

Pam Hogg: interview with avant-garde fashion designer

Louder Than War's Andrew Twambley and photographer Melanie Smith attended the preview night of avant-garde fashion designer Dr Pam Hogg's first solo retrospective exhibition...

Shadowparty interview Louder Than War

Shadowparty interview Louder Than War. Matt Mead chats to Josh Hager from the band on the eve of their debut album release

Watch this! Daniel Meade’s new video – Exclusive premiere

Daniel Meade is releasing his newest single, Nothing Really Matters, on the 27th of July. Louder Than War stopped for a chat with the musician - and we're premiering his new video.

Andy Michaels: Singer/Songwriter/Poetic – interview

Australian rocker/alternative sensation Andy Michaels is currently locked inside the studio recording a brand new album and single.

Garyk Lee:  Artist Extraordinaire

Garyk Lee is a well-established artist as well as a huge fashion and designing influence.

CW Stoneking: the Thekla, Bristol – Live review & exclusive interview

Live Review and Interview CW Stoneking :  the Thekla, Bristol Bristol, Wednesday 27th June 2018. CW Stoneking performs at Thekla, a former cargo ship repurposed as...

Natural Yogurt Band exclusive Louder Than War interview

Natural Yogurt Band exclusive Louder Than War interview. Interview by Matt Mead with Miles Newbold and Neil Tolliday

Spiderbites: Joe Holweger – interview

Spiderbites were born while three best "mates" from iconic punk phenomena Adam Ant's band were touring. Responsible for doing Adam's sound checks, Joe Holweger...

Daniel Takes A Train – debut album release news & interview

Matt Mead investigates the band's forthcoming debut release on Firestation Records and interviews the band exclusively for Louder Than War.

Armonite: And The Stars Above – interview

Italian duo, Armonite has recently released And The Stars Above, a vibrant journey into a musical phenomenon.





New Order: The Fillmore, Four-Night Residency, Miami Beach—live review

New Order Fillmore Miami Beach, Miami 14-15, 17-18 January 2020 Audrey J. Golden and Evan...

Supergrass: The Strange Ones 1994-2008 – album review

Supergrass - The Strange Ones 1994-2008 (BMG) CD / 2LP / Box Set Out 24th January...

Deutsche Ashram – Whisper Om – Album Review

Netherlands-based duo Deutsche Ashram throw away the rule book with their adventurous second album.

Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020

Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020 Its cold, its wet, its January, arguably...

Major exhibition of great images from key Manchester photographer announced

David Gleave's stark black and whites really capture the grit of a city that is fast forwarding into a different future as it morphs from the post industrial city to the post punk city