Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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The Bournemouth-based beat poets with bass bringing the Dizzy Heights EP to life – STOCKNSKINS

STOCKSNSKINS are a dynamic duo serving up Bournemouth-based beat poetry complete with blistering basslines and a driving electric edge. Their scorching approach to rhythmic post-punk is perfectly captured on their most recent EP ‘Dizzy Heights’. Louder Than War's Emily Oldfield reviews (complete with an interview)...

Interview: One on one with Philadelphia’s Tulipomania

Louder Than War chat with Tom from Tulipomania, who revolve within an resolute juncture between music and visual art

Friends Of Mine – Punk In Manchester 1976-78 – Martin Ryan – Book Launch

Tomorrow evening sees the long-awaited launch of Martin Ryan's book on punk - Friends Of Mine - Punk In Manchester 1976-78

Caleb Quaye : Louder Than Rock – interview

Caleb Quaye is interviewed by Louder Than War's Eileen Shapiro about his facinating life and his forthcoming documentary Louder Than Rock.

Joely Fisher – interview

Imagine being a small child raised in the midst of all of Hollywood's glamour, decadence, opulence, scandals and public scrutiny, and having two of...

Gary Numan : exclusive and in depth interview

We speak to the reinvigorated top of his game Gary Numan about life, death and the scary bits in between....

Miles Hunt – interview

Hot on the heels of the release of new album The Custodian, Paul Grace catches up with Miles Hunt to chat about the new record, tour plans and what it...


After reviewing their new album for the Louder Than War magazine (Et Ex got a well earned 7/10 rating) we blobbed by referring to...

Robert Paul Corless – interview

Gabrielle's Wish frontman Robert Paul Corless interviewed by Louder Than War's Nathan Mcilroy.

Talking FRANK with Manchester’s poet-cum-recording-artist ARGH KiD

ARGH KiD is a man on fire – metaphorically speaking, of course. This urban spoken-worder with a wit to match has most recently burned down the barriers between ‘poet’ and ‘recording artist’, putting himself out there with a brand new tune and venture into music – FRANK. Louder Than War's Emily Oldfield decided to talk to ARGH KiD about it...

Vee VV interview ‘Groundbreaking acclaimed Blackpool post punk punk funk crew reform to bring wisdom to their already dynamite combination‘

Groundbreaking acclaimed Blackpool post punk punk funk crew reform to bring wisdom to their already dynamite combination

KPM 1000 Series reissues review plus KPM interview

KPM 1000 Series reissues review plus KPM interview. Matt Mead reviews all the releases and interviews Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett
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Cabbage – Get Outta My Brain & Amanita Pantherina – New Single and Album

Cabbage are back like they've never been away, yet it seems an age since...

Nigel R Mitchell – Tunnelmental – Interview

Tunnelmental – Experimental Electronic pioneers Nigel Carr caught up with Nigel R Mitchell during lockdown...

Schlammpeitziger – Ein Weltleck In Der Echokammer I’m not sure why but this record makes me feel very nostalgic for the...

The Corner Laughers: Temescal Telegraph – album review

The Corner Laughers Temescal Telegraph Big Stir Out now - D/DL The fifth album by those denizens of...

Moth: Machine Nation – EP review

Moth Machine Nation Marthouse Records Out now (EP/DL)  8/10 Melbourne's self-described ''weirdo'' post-punks Moth release a new 7-inch album....