Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Patti Smith: Instagram and Indian food with the Godmother of Punk

Patti Smith shares some moments of peace with James Nuttall, as well as some Indian food, prior to her recent Manchester show.

Rachel Weisz – The Favourite – Interview

Rachel Weisz talks to Eileen Shapiro about her role in the movie 'The Favourite'.

Beans On Toast – Interview

With album number 10 released to acclaim on December 1st - the same date every year to coincide with his birthday - Essex troubadour, Beans On...

Tiffany – Pieces of Me – Interview

Eighties idol, Tiffany, spoke to Eileen Shapiro recently about her album, Pieces of Me, delving into the songwriting and recording process.

Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard MSP Chooses His Top Ten Favourite Songs

  Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard MSP Chooses His Top Ten Favourite Songs The election of Richard Leonard MSP to the role of Scottish Labour leader...

Chris Bennett: Something Wonderful – interview

Interview with Chris Bennett as she speaks extensively about her Something Wonderful release and more.

New Band – The Gentle Scars (with an interview!)

Louder Than War's Emily Oldfield meets half of The Gentle Scars as they pay a visit to Manchester from their local city of Liverpool. Get ready for an interview encompassing the Invaders EP, trashing songs, ‘The Pusher’, offering Ian Curtis paracetamol, kidnapping John Peel, and plenty more besides…

Evanescence: Synthesis Live – album/dvd review

The opulent grandeur of the Evanescence Synthesis Live show is revealed in full screen splendour.

Brian Barnett (1963-2018) Ad Nauseam and 5 Go Mad guitarist remembered

Brian Barnett, 28th May 1963 – 22nd November 2018 Mourning the loss and celebrating the life of a huge figure in the Pompey punk scene. Portsmouth...

Prince’s For You at 40 : Spunky Funk, Soul and One Kid’s Fight for Creative Control:

Brilliant in-depth piece with an interview with first manager Owen Husney In 1978, the year punk began to crumble, new-wave became hip, and Grease was the word, Prince released his first LP - For You. It was a defiant debut from a nineteen-year-old kid come multi-instrumentalist that fused funk, rock, disco

The Struts – interview

The love-child of Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger delivered by Rocky Horror's Frank N. Furter, Luke Spiller and The Struts hold the missing magical...

20 Quick Questions for…Gavin Friday : the first in a new LTW series

Gavin Friday gained famed with the pioneer, avant-garde alternative band Virgin Prunes. Radical, poet, actor, writer and singer answers 20 quick questions...





Squeeze / Heaven 17: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham – live review

With a double bill of Heaven 17 and headliners Squeeze playing Nottingham’s Royal Concert...

The Battery Farm: I Am A Man – single review

Manchester's The Battery Farm continue their diatribe against modern society with hard-hitting new single I Am A Man, a gut-punching slice of Doom Punk.

Negativland – TRUEFALSE – album review

Negativland TRUEFALSE Seeland Records In an era defined in part by struggles for intellectual copyright and remuneration...

The 99 Degree / The Maitlands / Deh-Yey: Retro Bar – Mcr – live review

Wayne AF Carey heads out to Retro Bar and gets his ears blasted by a mixed night of totally different sounds. And a pig farmer.....

Benjamin Mason: Waste Management Vol​.​1 – album review

Benjamin Mason: Waste  Management Vol 1. Bandcamp DL Out Now. Welsh polymath Benjamin Mason releases collection of...