Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Louder Than War Interview: Aaron Aedy from Paradise Lost

We speak to rhythm guitarist, Aaron Aedy of Paradise Lost, about the recording process of the latest album and the band's upcoming tour. Oh, and beer.

Louder Than War Interview: UFOMAMMUT

Ufomammut are about to embark on the UK leg of their "Magickal Mastery Tour". A perfect time then, for us to ask them some questions

Incubate Festival: Live Review Of Brilliant Festival With Strong Black Metal Program

I’m six hours into a black metal binge. It’s been a night of melancholic, guttural voice- growling vocal and distorted guitars- a weird mixture of noise and a hypnotic atmosphere and I’m feeling strange in a good way- lost in a dense, dark and strange world of face paint and sombre music played at high decibel- a place where Kiss meet the journey into the heart of darkness ride of a Joy Division or the Cure when they were doing pornography.

Evil Blizzard at Ducie Bridge, Manchester – live review: 10 reasons why LTW will be releasing their album

It's packed in here- remarkable for a band at this stage of the game but then Evil Blizzard are no normal band. In a blur of masks and madness and great hypnotic riffs the band demolish the room with a set of freak rock that is going to rock the festivals in 2014.

Louder Than War Interview: Dragged Into Sunlight

Dragged Into Sunlight offer an integrity which other artists often cheapen. There are so few secrecies left in contemporary society, those that remain carry an inherent value.





David Numwami: Beats – single review ‘Previously known to the francophone scene for his collaborations with Nicolas Godin and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Numwami attempts to...

In the music video supporting his second single Beats, a Brussels-based artist David Numwami is firmly skating along his creative path bravely leaving frustrations aside. Previously known to the francophone scene for his collaborations with Nicolas Godin and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Numwami attempts to step into the wider world with his new solo project.

Cost of American visas for touring bands massively increased

America closes the door on most post Covid British touring bands

LISTEN! Baby Shakes new single written with Damian and Billy from The Undertones

Baby Shakes are three gals and a guy from Brooklyn. Huge in Japan and Italy. Their glam rock stomp of a single is totally fantastic and written played and produced in Derry with Damian and Billy from The Undertones

Meet: Australia’s New Favourite Band, The Bonnie Doons

There are further musical inspirations such as Chili Peppers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mark Ronson and Eminem throughout the band creating an incredible mash up of funk, soul, rap, hip hop, funk and pop. 

The Damned reform original classic line up for 4 shows

The Damned have announced four very special shows with their classic original line up.