Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Interview: Jona Weinhofen of I Killed the Prom Queen

Jona Weinhofen, guitarist with metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen, has long been on the growing list of entertainers who are vocal animal activists. As a face of the Be Cruelty-Free Australia Campaign, he has teamed up with Humane Research Australia, Humane Society International and Choose Cruelty-Free to help end cosmetic testing on animals worldwide.

Louder Than War Interview: Mike Williams from EYEHATEGOD

EYEHATEGOD release their first new album for 13 years next week. We have a chat to the band's Mike Williams

Fat Goth: One Hundred Percent Suave – album review

Dundonian quirk-rock loons and Louder Than War faves Fat Goth return with third album musing on the weirder pleasures of the flesh. Joe Whyte listens and approves.

Louder Than War Interview: Dan Maines of Clutch

Louder Than War Interview: Dan Maines from rock 'n' roll band Clutch, currently on tour in the UK.

Louder Than War Interview: Alt rock band InMe

Ian Critchley talks to DaveMcPherson of alt metallists InMe about their upcoming tour.

Louder Than War Interview: Tom G. Warrior of Triptykon

Louder Than War talk to Tom G. Warrior of Triptykon about that band's upcoming second album.

Louder Than War Interview: Dan Pugsley, Bassist from Skindred

Louder than War's Sophie Sparham caught up with bassist and founding member of Skindred, Dan Pugsley for a quick chat about the reggae-punk band's new album and tour.

Louder Than War Interview: Sister

Louder Than War catch up with Swedish glam-metal band, Sister for a brief Q&A

Louder Than War Interview: Pete Lee of Lawnmower Deth

Louder Than War's Kat Ball met awesome vocalist Pete from adored thrashers Lawnmower Deth at Hard Rock Hell, where he shared what it’s like to be a normal guy by day and rock star by night.

Louder Than War Interview: Jeff Angell of Walking Papers

Ahead of their stellar opening set for Alice in Chains in Manchester, I took some time to speak to Jeff Angell, front man of Walking Papers.

Louder Than War interview – Dying of the Light

We talk to New Zealand metal band Dying of the Light about their Monolithium EP and expressing social awareness through music.

Satyricon: Satyricon – album review

Stalwarts of the infamous Norwegian Black metal scene, Satyricon (who also contain some of the founding fathers of said scene) have recently returned with their 8th studio album in ten years. Dom Walsh reviews it for us.





David Numwami: Beats – single review ‘Previously known to the francophone scene for his collaborations with Nicolas Godin and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Numwami attempts to...

In the music video supporting his second single Beats, a Brussels-based artist David Numwami is firmly skating along his creative path bravely leaving frustrations aside. Previously known to the francophone scene for his collaborations with Nicolas Godin and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Numwami attempts to step into the wider world with his new solo project.

Cost of American visas for touring bands massively increased

America closes the door on most post Covid British touring bands

LISTEN! Baby Shakes new single written with Damian and Billy from The Undertones

Baby Shakes are three gals and a guy from Brooklyn. Huge in Japan and Italy. Their glam rock stomp of a single is totally fantastic and written played and produced in Derry with Damian and Billy from The Undertones

Meet: Australia’s New Favourite Band, The Bonnie Doons

There are further musical inspirations such as Chili Peppers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mark Ronson and Eminem throughout the band creating an incredible mash up of funk, soul, rap, hip hop, funk and pop. 

The Damned reform original classic line up for 4 shows

The Damned have announced four very special shows with their classic original line up.