Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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New Band of the Day: The Spitfires

With the blistering new debut double A-side from The Spitfires Louder Than War introduce one of the most exciting prospects to come out of 2012's youth...

Cockney Rejects: East End Babylon – album review

"Guts, glory, passion and stories. East End Babylon has them all in spades."

Meeting Joe Strummer: The play

Meeting Joe Strummer: The play There is no actor playing the part of Joe Strummer because this is not a play about Joe: this is...

Massive Attack ‘Blue Lines re-issue’ : album review of ground breaking release

Massive Attack Blue Lines 2012 Remix/Remaster album review This ground breaking album changed the musical soundscape. It was arguably the culmination of a long joinery that started with...

The Modern Babylon – film review

Julien Temple's epic time-travelling voyage to the heart of his hometown.

Street Dogs – interview: ‘Why they believe the GOP is full of shit’

Punk band Street Dogs give us their view on politics in music

The Jim Jones Revue ‘The Savage Heart’ – album review

The Jim Jones Revue 'The Savage Heart' (Punk Rock Blues Records/PIAS) CD/LP/DL Released 15th October 2012 Notorious for their maniacal high-energy shows, The Jim Jones Revue...

Return of The Ruts DC should be enough for anyone that the Ruts DC are back and perhaps taking care of a bit of unfinished business...

5 classic TV theme tunes – & the stories behind them

TV themes that stick in your head & get you singing in the bath

Interviews: Looking Back On 5 Stand-out Q&A’s

More than just a verbal from the curly haired one to this bemused Time Magazine writer its a total dismissal of the world press in general.

Eddie Auffray (Ravales) – interview

We chat with Eddie Auffray about his current band Ravales & his punk rock history





False Advertising: The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham – live review

False Advertising The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham November 10th 2019 Mancunian grunge-pop trio False Advertising celebrate the release...

Squeeze / Heaven 17: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham – live review

With a double bill of Heaven 17 and headliners Squeeze playing Nottingham’s Royal Concert...

The Battery Farm: I Am A Man – single review

Manchester's The Battery Farm continue their diatribe against modern society with hard-hitting new single I Am A Man, a gut-punching slice of Doom Punk.

Negativland – TRUEFALSE – album review

Negativland TRUEFALSE Seeland Records In an era defined in part by struggles for intellectual copyright and remuneration...

The 99 Degree / The Maitlands / Deh-Yey: Retro Bar – Mcr – live review

Wayne AF Carey heads out to Retro Bar and gets his ears blasted by a mixed night of totally different sounds. And a pig farmer.....