Friday, September 20, 2019
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Dead Sons: The Hollers and the Hymns – album review

"Dead Sons has a wonderfully seductive thing going on here."

Creature with the Atom Brain: The Birds Fly Low – album review

Overall, it’s a dark, diverse, accomplished album that nearly always manages to stay on the right side of excessive

Ninth Paradise – interview

We chat to shoegaze band Ninth Paradise about their music, their influences and what makes a great album.

Coalfields Festival: Barnsley – live review

Google TOBA CALDERA and you will learn more about Sumatran volcanic craters than you ever thought you wanted to...

Queens Of the Stone Age – full UK tour

Queens Of the Stone Age- full UK tour





Climate Strike : what can Music do to clean up its act?

What can a poor boy (girl) do in these chaotic and filthy times but be a street cleaning, non plastic, pretty sober, eco conscious man...’

After London Announce New Single ‘You Know What I Mean’ – LTW Premier

Big, gritty, alternative rock compared to the likes of Dream Wife and Wolf Alice,...

Larry Wallis RIP an obituary of a rock n roll legend

his death represents a further conclusion of the spirit of rebellion, musical anarchy and socially conscious satire that blossomed in the hippy era and crystallised in punk a decade later.

GUO Announce New Audiovisual Performance In Collaboration With Brady Corbet

To coincide with the release of GUO4 (out today via Mute) GUO (Daniel Blumberg...

Russell Taylor (Crocodile Records) – a tribute

  Tributes for Russell Taylor, founder and self-titled Grand Fromage of Manchester-based Crocodile Records, are...