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Dead Sons: The Hollers and the Hymns – album review

"Dead Sons has a wonderfully seductive thing going on here."

Creature with the Atom Brain: The Birds Fly Low – album review

Overall, it’s a dark, diverse, accomplished album that nearly always manages to stay on the right side of excessive

Ninth Paradise – interview

We chat to shoegaze band Ninth Paradise about their music, their influences and what makes a great album.

Coalfields Festival: Barnsley – live review

Google TOBA CALDERA and you will learn more about Sumatran volcanic craters than you ever thought you wanted to...

Queens Of the Stone Age – full UK tour

Queens Of the Stone Age- full UK tour





LTW Albums of the Year 2020: Numbers 51 – 250

LTW Albums of the Year 2020 - Numbers 51- 250 Each chosen by just one...

X Ray Cat Trio & Harriet Hyde: Bubblegum – EP review

X Ray Cat Trio & Harriet Hyde: Bubblegum (Buzzards Claw Records) Ltd 7" | DL Available...

LISTEN! Lost Under Heaven festive single, ‘Goin’ Broke for Christmas’

“Two years ago, walking the back streets to avoid the sprawling Christmas markets of Manchester city center, Ebony spoke to me in a playful lament “We are really going broke for Christmas this year”.

New photo book ‘Kick Over The Wall: Joe Strummer & the Clash’ order here

Steve Rapport was one of the from line rock n roll photographers in the post punk and beyond era. In that time he amassed an astonishing pictorial record of the period. He has recently dug into the archives and pulled together a collection of photos of Joe strummer and The Clash for this book

Chaz Jankel: Glad To Know You – album review

Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You Cherry Red 5CD/DL Out now! An anthology of Blockhead Chaz Jankel's...