Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Drenge | PINS: Sage, Gateshead – live review

Not a conventional venue for Drenge, yet both Drenge and PINS continue to lift the roof at the Sage tonight, with a phenomenal display of noise and power!

PINS: Sebright Arms, London – live review

PINS, Bird & Chateau Sebright Arms, London 24th Nov 2012 PINS have been on a lot of radars throughout 2012 after their first single ‘Eleventh Hour’ was...

Top 10 albums by Adele Emmas (Bird)

We love Bird so it's great to find out what music Adele Emmas loves

top 10 new bands for April 2012

best of the bands for this spring which has sprung...





FME Festival, Quebec – live review

FME Festival Quebec, Canada 29 August - 1 September 2019 FME offers a crash course in Quebec’s...

Fear Of Rock! Why is mainstream media still confused by rock?

Time to defy the critic canon! Time to not only tear up the envelope but throw the envelope away and seek new horizons and new forms

Tool ‘Fear Inoculum’ : album review

9/10 for first album for 13 years for post genre genius band who dark and powerful visions touch the mind and the soul.

Grade 2: Tired Of It – video exclusive and interview

The Isle of Wight trio, Grade 2, recently signed to Hellcat Records, give Louder...

Have a Cigar – Bryan Morrison – book review

Bryan Morrison Have a Cigar Out: Sept 2019 Quiller Publishing Have a Cigar is the memoir of polo-playing...