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Bingley Music Live 2011

I remember my director saying 'I want you to put Bjorn Again on, they're the best ABBA tribute band going', and I said if I didn't get any of the bands I wanted then I would book Bjorn Again, so that was my challenge

Leeds festival:Friday review part 2

more mud, Muse and music...

V Festival live review part 2

more thoughts from our man at V

Red Hot Chili Peppers album review 2

track by track album review


Ibiza is Europe\'s premier clubbing Mecca.

Blink 182 – ‘Up All Night’ + ‘fan-made’ video

Pop punk superstars Blink 182 have just released what is being described as a "fan-made" video for their new single "Up All Night."

Morrissey explains his Norway massacre comments

Earlier this week Morrissey caused a press storm with onstage comments made about animal slaughter in the context of the Norway massacre. Whilst Morrissey...

New bands to listen to July 2011

another list of key new talent for you...

Hop Farm Festival: review

Hop Farm Festival July 2011 It's the festival that refuses to suck corporate cock. Stood before us bathed in neon purple floodlights Prince - the pint-sized man...

John Coltrane Atlantic Records CD reissues: review

The genius of John Coltrane assessed

Top 10 worst cover versions of all time

list of dismal cover versions- can you think of any more- comment now!

JG Thirwell: New Manorexia album in 5:1 Sound

JG Thirlwell will be familiar to many as an experimental musician, perhaps best known under the Foetus umbrella; Thirwell is an Australian born, now...





Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020

Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020 Its cold, its wet, its January, arguably...

Major exhibition of great images from key Manchester photographer announced

David Gleave's stark black and whites really capture the grit of a city that is fast forwarding into a different future as it morphs from the post industrial city to the post punk city

CHECK MASSES release debut single – edgy take on Massive Attack/Gorillaz listen here

Sitting somewhere in that bricolage world of TV on the Radio, David Holmes, David Lynch, Ennio Morricone, Massive Attack, Gorillaz the song is a catchy and compulsive slice of 21st century pop but with a post punk edge.

Alien Tango: Dalston Victoria, London – live review

Alien Tango Dalston Victoria, London 10th January 2020 Alien Tango caught the attention of Keith Goldhanger at...

DARWIN ‘SO FEW COMETS’ Album Review : ‘brilliant eclectic atmospheric release with Bauhaus connections’

A music that matches the the devastation caused by the raging fires in 2017 that left the beautiful Californian landscape mirroring a barren, desolate, bare, lifeless backdrop