Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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New Blood 6: Raised On Replicas – by John Robb

Raised On Replicas are two boys and two girls from Brighton who deal a discordant pop/noise that is full of the joys of loud...

Send in the cavalry, Lemmy sticks it to the bankers

fed up with the bankers? wondering what rock n roll is gonna do about it? Motorhead have released a brilliant new single and it's also...

'We All Shine On' – John Lennon

"We all Shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun" John Lennon ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqP3wT5lpa4&feature=related

‘We All Shine On’ – John Lennon

"We all Shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun" John Lennon ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqP3wT5lpa4&feature=related

Remembering the day John Lennon died – by John Robb

(if you like this please twitter it of put it up on your Facebook...also please leave a comment...) John Robb was a teenage punk rocker...

Part 1 of an epic account of the student uprising – by Efa Supertramp

(photos by Fluffy Love) I wasn't at the first student demo in London, I was at home, writing an essay. My house mate had gone...

New Blood 3: The Janice Graham Band – by John Robb

Janice Graham Band Just when everyone was looking at the centre of Manchester to provide all the hipster bands a whole clutch of scruffians have...

Wavves new album review – by Gavin Dyda

Wavves ”“ King of the beach by Gavin Dyda (www.twitter.com/ndless) I first heard of “Wavves” after seeing their name on a top 10 list of...

Frank Turner – by Danny Watson

I've seen pensioners pushed aside by school kids. I've seen an ambulance in Upminster cut up by boy racers in the car mummy and daddy have bought them.

Begging For Pussy With George Clinton – by Stevie Chick

“We were supposed to perform on the space station, in 2005,” he promises. “We were ready to go and everything… Zero-gravity funk… Anti-matter music…”

Manic Street Preachers by Ben Myers

If you like this please Tweet it, Facebook it or leave a comment Richey Edwards: the last great rock star by Ben...

The Charlatans live review – by John Robb

Can it really be twenty years since the deceptively young singer with the pudding bowl hair, Jagger lips, big flares and an electric storm of nervous energy sat there and talked about obscure underground bands with a terrifying conviction?





FME Festival, Quebec – live review

FME Festival Quebec, Canada 29 August - 1 September 2019 FME offers a crash course in Quebec’s...

Fear Of Rock! Why is mainstream media still confused by rock?

Time to defy the critic canon! Time to not only tear up the envelope but throw the envelope away and seek new horizons and new forms

Tool ‘Fear Inoculum’ : album review

9/10 for first album for 13 years for post genre genius band who dark and powerful visions touch the mind and the soul.

Grade 2: Tired Of It – video exclusive and interview

The Isle of Wight trio, Grade 2, recently signed to Hellcat Records, give Louder...

Have a Cigar – Bryan Morrison – book review

Bryan Morrison Have a Cigar Out: Sept 2019 Quiller Publishing Have a Cigar is the memoir of polo-playing...