My Bloody Valentine

Irish alternative band My Bloody Valentine released their first full length studio album in 1988. The band reformed in 2007, playing a number of gigs and festival dates until 2009, and reformed again in 2012 when they recorded their third album m b v.

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We are currently on the verge of seeing and hearing a lot of these bands who a lot of people out there will enjoy voicing their opinions on soon because a lot of people will love these bands and a lot of people will swoon over the nonsense presented before their diminishing eyesight that they’ll see on the telly and in the papers. It’ll divide a nation. Some people won’t like it. Hairdressers will all be made redundant and everyone will be stealing flowers out of people’s gardens just to tie them together and wrap them around their fuckin heads. As a neutral observer, I think this’ll all be bloody brilliant entertainment.