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Ten Reasons Why I Hate Kate Bush The Artist By Ged Babey

LTW recently gave Kate Bush's album a brilliant review but not everyone was happy about this . One of the site's freelancers, Ged Babey struck...

Killing Joke: Corby – live review

"Killing Joke remain an irresistible force, seemingly capable of bottling lightning..."

top 10 space songs for the astroid and meteor showers! part 2

part one of top 10 of space songs is here... 6. The Beatles 'Across The Universe' Written by John Lennon somewhere between his acid daze and...

Mundy and The Painbirds: Dublin – live review

"The band completely throws themselves at the mercy of the songs, and their ability to go for it is amplified by Mundy’s wild enthusiasm and desire to totally let loose."

The Dandy Warhols: Heaven, London – live review

For all their cooler-than-thou hipster attitude, when on form The Dandy Warhols are one of the best live bands around...

‘Who’s That Man – A Tribute to Conny Plank’ – 4CD box-set announced

For many Louder Than War readers the cutting-edge electronic music of the 1970s and 80s formed the soundtrack to their adolescence – much of...

Killing Joke announce 33CD Box-Set ‘The Singles Collection’

Killing Joke have today announced the forthcoming release of ‘The Singles Collection’ - a huge 33CD box-set released via Spinefarm / Universal in conjunction...

The Art Of Punk by Russ Bestley & Alex Ogg – book review

This is not a book for casual punk-fans – it’s a full-on anorak, collector-scum bible!

Negative Pegasus: Looming – album review

More! More! I cry and return to track 1. Love this! Try this! Buy this!

Smoke Fairies Live: St Mary’s Church, Guildford – live review

Smoke Fairies\' music is a highly potent brew.





Best SPARKS cover ever? Mary T & Bruce Brand perform ‘This Town…’

Best SPARKS cover ever? Mary T & Bruce Brand perform 'This Town Ain't Big...

McCarthy – The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth – album review

  McCarthy - The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth Optic Nerve 2 Vinyl LPs with 7" single Released...

Snowgoose: The Making of You – album review

The Making of You is perfect-listening for these strange times, calming and contemplative in equal measure. We can only hope we don't have to wait another 8 years for this dazzling group's next album.

Kid Kudi and Eminem Collab for Single – The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady

The track entails the current events which we are living through, the obvious being Covid-19 and the excessive use of police brutality which is happening over in America. Kid Cudi raps about recovery, his brief stay in rehab for mental health, and how he’s much better now

Russian Round Up #2 – July 2020

This is the second of a new, irregular series on what’s going down on...