Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Reading Festival Review

What a festival to have in your home town.

No WOMBLES, LURKERS OR THE ROLLING STONES … Keith's final words on the Olympics

.... and how much would a hologram of MARK E SMITH cost for next time ?

Stephen Street – exclusive interview

Smiths, Morrissey, Blur and many others in this amazing interview





Pi$$er: Crushed Down To Paste – EP review

Pi$$er - Crushed Down to Paste (Kibou, TNS, SPHC, Amok, Cimex) Pre-orders open 1 July 12"/DL A...

WATCH THIS! dystopian new song from Jaz Coleman

With a great dystopian groove to deliver his resigned vision Jaz Coleman gives a state of the planet address that sounds like the current Ten O'clock news

Killing Joke to special guest on 2021 Hollywood Vampires UK dates

The visceral genius of Killing Jone pops up in some strange year the legendary UK band will be special guests for the Hollywood Vampires mini UK stadium tour...

Toreador release new single ‘QOTSA, The Raconteurs and Led Zeppelin ‘Shiver & Shake’ has a chorus that harbours Royal Blood influence’

Having been previously compared to QOTSA, The Raconteurs and Led Zeppelin 'Shiver & Shake' has a chorus that harbours Royal Blood influences with off-beat guitars that accompany the driving drum pulse.

LYR: Call In The Crash Team – album review

LYR - Call In The Crash Team Mercury KX All formats. Out now    Poet Laureate Simon...