Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Top 10 albums that influenced me when I was young by the Magic Bands’s John ‘Drumbo’ French

The brilliant Captain Beefheart is so much part of my musical make up that I'm thrilled that the Magic Band made up of...

Danny Mcnamara from Embrace : my top 10 favourite albums : part 2

Part one of Danny Mcnamara's top 10 albums is HERE. 6 John Lennon 'Plastic Ono Band' Some of Lennon's solo stuff is as good as the...

top 10 space songs for the astroid and meteor showers! part 2

part one of top 10 of space songs is here... 6. The Beatles 'Across The Universe' Written by John Lennon somewhere between his acid daze and...

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons: Dirty Rock’n’Roll – album review

She is a feminist avenger in a cat-suit, with a fuckin’ tail. Shes’s sexy but androgonous with this boyish figure.

top 10 punk covers that were better than the originals – part 2

part one of top 10 punk covers is here 6. Baby I Love You - The Ramones When The Ramones could go no further with the...

Thomas McConnell Interview by Roisin Kelleher

I remember hearing Hello Goodbye in the car when I was really really little and I used to dance to people talking on the TV when I was about 3.

Gizzi Erskine top ten favourite albums part 2

6. The Sonics - Here Are The Sonics  [youtube] The original and the best garageband whose songs have been endlessly covered but never equalled and whose covers...

Ysan Roche Interview by Roisin Kelleher

On Ysan Roche's website it says "Her music has spread all over the internet, becoming popular in the US, Europe and all around the...

Archive interview with The Cramps

  Demott Cambell was the editor The Devils Spacecake fanzine. Here is an interview with the Cramps he did in August 1997, and put it...

Theee Bat / Umez – London – live review

Bonkers, energetic, entertaining and incomprehensible - Theee Bat live

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – London – live review

'these men deliver the tunes one after the other'





The Monochrome Set: Fabula Mendax – Album Review & Exclusive Video Premiere

The Monochrome Set Fabula Mendax (Tapete Records) CD/LP/DL Released: 27 September, 2019 8/10 The Monochrome Set take...

The Fallen Leaves: Maximum Minimum, Live at the Hope and Anchor – Album Review

Album Review The Fallen Leaves -Maximum Minimum - Live at the Hope and Anchor (Parliament...

Hugh Cornwell: Interview

Stranglers legend talks to Dave Jennings about his solo career and how he feels about the band's continuation without him

Watch You Drown : Live 2019 A War Of Words – Album Review

Album Review Watch You Drown : Live 2019 A War Of Words (Wired) CD / DL Out...

RIDE – This Is Not A Safe Place – album review

Louder Than War's Matt Mead reviews the exciting new album from 90's Shoegaze icons RIDE.