music venues to reopen – with socially distanced audiencesMusic and performance venues will be able to reopen – with socially distanced audiences – from Saturday, the Prime Minister has announced. At last the doors can open in aalbiet much changed way. With Covid cases still rising – who will be the raver police!


There could also be increased delays between performances as venues will be required to undertake ‘deep cleans’ before the next audience arrives.


Nightclubs, dance halls and discotheques are among venues that remain closed in law.

Casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks and soft play centres can also reopen.


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  1. WHAT IS GOING ON?????

    The fuck is with this shithouse of a government making big policy announcements which affect people’s lives and livelihoods on Twitter at 10.30pm?? Less than 48 hours before they come into effect?? With no scientific evidence to back up their decisions?? What the fuck IS this??

    What the hell is going on with them? What do they actually want to happen? Are they trying to advance the inevitable second wave? Are cases and levels of infection lower than we’re told? Do they just not care? Are they making it deliberately as awkward as possible for certain types of businesses because they’d rather they went under sooner rather than later? Or is this just another fucking dead cat distraction from the A-Levels fiasco?

    What the fuck is ACTUALLY going on? Why can’t they just do things properly, upfront, at the right time of day and in the right way? Why this? How are we meant to trust them on anything?

    Why can’t they just be fucking honest with us? If not about anything else (I don’t expect complete honesty from any politicians, least of all Tories), then just about anything to do with this fucking virus! People’s health, lives and livelihoods are at stake!

    Do they not care if people die? If people’s lives are ruined? If businesses go to the wall? If people get made homeless? If children are educated properly? If people lose relatives? If families are torn to fucking pieces?

    Just fucking tell us, properly, what is going on, take decisions based on actual factual scientific evidence and data, show it to us so we know what’s what. We can handle it! What’s fucking us all up is this constant cloak and dagger bullshit and all the contradicting information.

    I know, I know, unprecedented situation, economy, damned if they do/don’t etc etc etc. But if they taxed big business and billionaires properly that would keep things afloat for a while. Why are we even still flying people in and out of the country? Why didn’t they just leave the airports shut?

    Christ, I could go on all night. What are they doing? Do they not think all the uncertainty is fucking with people’s heads enough without throwing a load of guessing game bullshit at us?

    Please, for the sake of everyone, never vote for this lot again, no matter what the alternative. If you’ve still got a shred of respect for this fucking joke of a government or this comment offends you (language aside) I couldn’t give a fuck right now, I’ve had enough.


  2. I am tearing my thinning hair out. The serial mixed messages, the absence of honesty etc etc. All that said, if some kind of incremental reopening doesn’t occur, live music will be dead, in any meaningful sense.
    Mark Whiteley- Folk Devils


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