Music Papers Post Lowest Ever Sales FiguresThe ABC figures for the music papers show the lowest ever figures for many of the titles.

The decline in sales has been happening for years as it has across all print media and it makes us feel sad being fans of the form and with many colleagues doing a great job on them.

For generations of music fans the inkies were the lifeline of information about music but they are now really struggling with a few exceptions like specialist magazines like Vive Le Rock which has been increasing in sales.

The relaunched and revamped and improved NME fell below 20 000 in sales for the first time ever compared to the 120 000 that bought it in 1990.

Q was down 14.2% year on year and 10.5% on the previous six months to 52,781.

Market leader Mojo, another Bauer title, was down 11.3% year on year, but held onto top spot with average sales of 74,203. No Bauer titles reported digital figures.

IPC Media’s Uncut took second spot on 56,223, down 9.8% year on year.

Classic Rock sold 54,109 print editions, down 4.6% on 2012. It was some way ahead of its rock rival,  Kerrang! on 35,127 (down 8.9% year on year) and another Team Rock title, Metal Hammer, on 26,273, which was down 12.5%.

Will the music press hang on? is the future on line? is there anything they can do to survive? whereas everyone getting their information from?

Some of the latest figures below…

  • Mojo 74,203
  • Q 52,781
  • Uncut 56,223
  • NME 19,491
  • Kerrang! 35,127
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  1. Funny thing for me is, that I buy at least one music mag a month – be it NME, Q, Uncut (always Vive Le Rock) – and hardly EVER read them!! I just don’t have the time… I’ve got hundreds of them at home unread…
    I do however still avidly buy FANZINES – I find their freedom of speech and opinons are UNGOVERNED BY ADVERTISERS – so you get a real view of a release or a band, rather than something that has been edited by someone being careful not to upset their main source of revenue…

  2. I’ve been getting the NME every week since 1976 and still have every single copy – it’ll be a sad day if that fu**er goes I tell you! but its not looking good and its no good on a tablet or computer – I didn’t like the smaller version but the content is beter and the pages don’t flop over when you’re reading them. Bring back the Lone Groover!


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