Mummy return! “if Jeff Buckley met Mastadon and they gave birth to an ugly baby with tattoos”

South London band Mummy, described as “if Jeff Buckley met Mastadon and they gave birth to an ugly baby with tattoos”,  return after a quiet period (in terms of releases) with their new EP, Shovel released 14th April. Jasmine Hodge reports back..

Recorded in 2019 by Kevin Vanbergen (Pixies, Biffy Clyro), the four-track riot is a glorious sandwich consisting of delicious punk, rock and grunge fillings. There are clear Pulled Apart by Horses vocal similarities from the get-go whereas closing track ‘Snake’ bears most similarity to the vocal style of Slaves frontman and drummer Isaac Holman. With these influences, it’s undeniable that the EP is also jam-packed with heavy rock riffs, grunge snarls and a punk attitude.

Opening tune, Shovel is a “dark journey digging through life, striving to find the gold without getting too filthy” and it manages to melt their sharp punk attitude through a disguised pop melody. By taking the snarly post-punk sound and merging it with prog-rock inspired moments throughout the EP, the four-piece come off unquestionably aggressive and loud- everything you’d expect from Mummy.

Last year saw the band tour with Australian punk legends, Cosmic Psychos following support slots with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Slaves and Amyl & the Sniffers whilst their own shows range from being hosted at skate parks, boozers or the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The gritty nature of the quartet is present from start to finish in this EP and their addictive nature is moorish.

Prepare to get hooked.

Listen to the EP here