Mumford And Sons To Retire For ‘Foreseeable Future’ Any Thoughts?The indie world is really sad with the news that Mumford and Sons are to take time out / retire for the foreseeable future / are recharging their brand or whatever market speak calls these things nowadays.

The band who have sold millions of records and broken America with their polished take on alt country / folk have divided people since their breakthrough but what about you reader? Are you sad that there will be a long time before their next release? Or maybe you would prefer no more releases?

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  1. John Peel can stop spinning in his grave now. A band led by a weekend hippy’d-up David Cameron lookalike could never be a good sign of where they’re headed.

  2. When you reach a sales peak it makes absolute sense to split the project up into to solo ventures. There’s less cost involved. If the band members also claim equal copyright / publishing rights it’s also easier to handle and market artists as individuals rather than a collective group as the lawsuit claims can be settled much more quickly.

  3. I am as proud as punch to say that I never heard them or otherwise experienced them while they were…erm…whatever they were.
    I’m sure I’ll ned up remembering them just as much as….erm…those other ones I ignored til they went away.

  4. As Rose Tattoo once said ‘Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock N Roll’. And they don’t as this bunch of trust-fund princes show. Posh boys who are doing their music thing before they inherit daddy’s estate. Sickening when you consider all the bands that are actually good out there.

    And don’t even get me started on James Blunt. When people left the army didn’t they used to call them deserters and shoot them? He’s pitiful, he’s pitiful, it’s true.


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