Twists and Turns Mixtape Mumdance Interview

Twists and Turns Mixtape Mumdance Interview

Mumdance – ‘Twists and Turns’ (Mad Decent)

Available to download free from Soundcloud.

Louder than War grabbed Jack Adams, aka Mumdance, the master of shoegaze and turn-of-the-decade Grime, to chat about his new mixtape Twists and Turns.

I choose a window of a subway chain in Notting Hill to unpick Jack’s renewed vigour for recording and hard-hitting collaborations with Logos to find out why it will always just be about the tuneeeeeeeesss.

Jack’s back after a two-year hiatus with a sounds that music busy bodies are heralding as a ‘huge statement of intent’ and it’s bloody good. He’s dead set on constantly changing his sound so that it doesn’t really sit in one genre in particular. He’s a progressive guy if ever I met one.

Louder Than War: So Mumdance, why the hardware thing on this mixtape? It’s such a different sound to your last one, Different Circles.

Basically when I started making music, I started off a laptop, my main focus then I was more of a promoter than an artist. I used to work for VICE as their events manager, so I was more focused on parties and stuff like that. I did make tunes but was more into promoting. While working at vice I met a photographer names Jamie James Medina & he hooked me up with Jammer and we got together and did a bootleg of Black Lips which I then Myspaced to Diplo. I didn’t know him or anything and then literally within like two months I had a schedule djing all around the world and it was crazy, I properly wasn’t ready for it!

when i was doing my early live shows I started off like just using a laptop & I found myself just staring at the thing and not the crowd. So I decided I wanted the hardware so I can immerse in myself what I am doing. It’s all about touching the hardware, it makes it feel very raw and alive. It gives it the ability to become spontaneous again. I find that when people release an album and then try to do a live version of the album tracks it doesn’t really work. So what I’ve tried to do with my live show is make it different each time. Basically I’ve got a sampler which is full of like one hit noises and I just play them out and then play the drum machines over it, i just jam with sounds an feel my way through it & it always turns out different each time. Hardware gives me the ability to make it all about the sound and the dance floor, using my ears instead of using my eyes & being stun staring at a computer screen!

Is that a reaction to something you don’t like that is going on at the moment?

It’s not a case of something I don’t like. I guess it’s reactionary in concept maybe like; some guys are doing these really big kind of crazy productions in their live shows with AV an big structures & fireworks an stuff, but I don’t have the budget to come with a massive light show and I don’t really want too because I don’t like standing in the spotlight. I’d rather have people dancing so it’s more than it just being a spectacle, it’s about the crowd and the night in that moment not trying to recreate something the same show a million times you know. There is nothing new, real or active about that type of thing. But then maybe when I’ve got enough money I’ll have a massive light show… so don’t quote me on that.

Obviously the collaborations on Twists and Turns are ridiculous and really feel necessary with the sound of the mixtape but is there anyone you’ve seen who you would love to collaborate with?

You know what, I’m really happy with where I am at the moment. I’ve collaborated with Logos at the moment and he’s siiiiiiiick. Really up and coming. We’ve got something coming out on Tectonic soon and we’ve got an ep dropping on Keysound in the next 6 weeks or so

What do you think the collaboration adds to this record?

I just get so bored sitting by myself and I prefer to work with people. It’s more fun and working with people from different music cultures can only ever be a good thing. Before I was doing this I was into really regional music. My whole thing was to collaborate with different people from different corners of the world and have them bring their sound to it and I’ll bring something and we’ll create a new hybrid. There’s no plan and it just happens.

What do you think Twists and Turns says as a record? Clichéd question I know!

I had a creative burnout. I just felt like I had used everything and I didn’t know what to do. I could have put out a lot of shit music or just put out the same tunes over and over but I wasn’t happy doing that. I travelled around a lot, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Asia all over the world and the sound of my 1st mixtape reflected this, but for this new one I just decided to do the music I grew up on. I consciously tried to do something different from last time. I just wanted to completely take myself out of my comfort zone.

Where do you see someone listening to Twists and Turns?

Travelling. I like listening to music most when I’m on the move looking out of the window. it puts u into an almost trance like state & it’s cool when the scenery occasionally moves in time to the music

Are you playing anywhere we can catch you?

I’m doing my live show at Bestival in a few weeks & playing at Fabric soon b2b with Logos, also I’m playing the 02 in Bournemouth doing a back to back set with Pinch.Check out my Facebook or Twitter  and I’ll keep you up to date.

Thanks Jack.

You can catch Jack soon at the following dates:

Saturday 7 September – Queen of Hoxton London UK

Friday 4 October – Notting Hill Arts Club London UK

Friday 1 November – Fabric London UK

All words by Mia Veglio-Taylor. More writing by Mia can be found on her Louder than War authors archive. You can follow Mia on Twitter @Mia_VT

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