Mugstar: Sun, Broken – album review

Mugstar – Sun, Broken (Cardinal Fuzz)


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Cardinal Fuzz has just reissued Mugsar’s 2010 album Sun, Broken on fantastic ‘intergalactic’ black and white swirl vinyl, it’s a psychedelic masterwork and Adrian Bloxham has been listening to it for Louder Than War.

Mugstar like grooves, great big, spaced out grooves. They find a groove, put their heads down and just keep going. They freak the hell out of the groove but its there, swirling and pulsing and repeating itself into your brain and out into the universe. They may start slowly and easily on ‘Technical Knowledge as a Weapon’ but it pretty soon blasts out of the quiet zone and breaks wide open, on ‘Ouroborus’ and ‘Today is the Wrong Shape’ the organs, guitar and bass circle around each other and hang on to the drum patterns breaking through from underneath. They sweep away in a true psych out freak session.

But then you get the gentle and pulsing ‘Labrador Hatchet’ which slides along and hits an entirely different feel; mellow and chilled. Delicate and just about holding things together. My favourite tracks are the last two on the album, ‘She Took Away My Medicine’ is the sound of a disturbed mind crawling back from ingesting some sort of horrendous narcotic and breaking apart as it goes. A mosaic of heartbeat whines and tiny sounds. ‘Furklasunbo’ ends the album with a thirteen minute long cool psychedelic swinging classic. It finds its mojo and keeps it close and loose.


If you need more persuasion to listen to this, think the Spacemen meeting the Hawklords with a smattering of the Electra giants of the sixties…all washed down with whatever you can find down the back of the sofa and in the forgotten cupboard in the kitchen. It just keeps going, and as you listen you will find yourself on for the whole freaked out ride.


Mugstar’s website is here, they can also be found on Facebook and are on Twitter as @Mugstar.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.

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