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Firstly the web site was the brain child of Lorraine Reeves & Melanie Smith, who have experienced a wide range of musical eras, both with a background in “77 punk. We had never met but were friends online for a few years. It was an idea that grew and grew, it began with the name – we wanted a name which was one word, snappy, original, feminine, and memorable, in the end it comprised of both nicknames – Lorraine M.U.D [Miss Unique designs – she is a painter] and Mel [Soulkiss – an online nickname] and so along MUD & KISS and we became MUDKISS. It took its first step with a joint Mukdiss Myspace profile and grew from there, Mel got the domain name, and the website set up and away it went, from Summer 2008 and three years later we are still hanging in there heading towards our fourth year. Lorraine and Mel finally met at the Mudkiss punk party which Lorraine organised in London – summer 2009. Mel is the Editor of Mudkiss and attempts to keep everything running smoothly.


The aim of the website is primarily to enjoy what we do, it is a hobby, an interest, and a passion – in addition we inform manage to inform readers of what is out there, reach out to local bands, promote them where we are able – bands or people that inspire us as individuals – and to make friends and connections along the journey. It’s all about the experience, it doesn’t pay me or anyone else, of course there are perks to be had, but we work damn hard for them, often up late into the night editing photos or writing up reviews. Its not easy sometimes fitting it all in but it is enjoyable for the most part, sometimes I have to pinch myself when I see how far we have come. We get on average 5,000 – 6,000 hits pr month, and this is from across the Globe, as far and wide as you can imagine.

It is a labour of love as Kris Needs so rightly puts it on our website header.
“Mudkiss is a labour of lust and love” – Kris Needs

The website features a wide range of genres, we are not one genre specific, we all have our own personality, which fits in with Mudkiss. We work on a bi-monthly basis of updates, both advertised on facebook notes and updates page. We also preview shows [Andy is in charge of this area] and blog about new releases on Facebook.

New music releases: Andy Barnes is the organiser of the new music reviews [most sent to us from pr companies] from albums – singles/EP’s which are then reviewed by both young and older generations to try and gain a balance. We get mailed far more than we are able to review unfortunately.
Show reviews: we all love live music [many shows are provided by the companies we work alongside, such as Chuff Media, Pias, Goldstar, Work It Media and many more, but we also buy tickets to shows as well.


We interview anyone from old punk legends, to new up coming bands, local musicians, models, photographers, people involved in the arts or culture, or just anyone interesting with a tale to tell. Its been great catching up with people from the past punk days such as Derwood and Mark Laff, who were my idols back in the day in my favourite band – Generation X. Never in a million years did I think I would be interviewing them 30 years down the line.

: Occasionally we have features which are written by any of the team. Jeremy Gluck did several features for us on his life in Canada and the music scene, we’ve had a couple of obituaries written by Kris Needs exclusively for us and our most recent feature is an exclusive piece by James De Malplaquet of the Brighton based Chamber Pop outfit The Miserable Rich – he is delivering an A – Z of the making of their new album.


Some of the team write about a show, a film screening, an exhibition or anything they have been to which has inspired them, which doesn’t fit into the categories of a gig.

Book reviews:

On occasions we have written reviews of books the team are reading, Den Browne is possibly the biggest reader in the team. Den is a regular contributor to the Resonance Radio show with Jonny Brown, Den is a wonderful story teller himself and is working on his book about Sid & Nancy who he used to share a flat with. Teddie Dahlin another of our team has another story about Sid but a bit more on a romantic level, Teddie does interviews now for Mudkiss.

Our cover image:
This has always been a photo I have taken myself, most recently it has been kindly designed using my photo by Peter Cunliffe [who is no stranger to music himself – he plays in a band called Vision Thing]

So far this year alone we have conducted 70 interviews: named at the end of the e-mail and many more being transcribed or planned yet.

We have covered a large number of shows: named below

We have had contributors come and go, some have gone on to set up their own websites but we always have people offering to write for us. Most of the team have now either met each other in ‘real life’, or spoke on the phone. Mudkiss has almost got a personality of its own, its given us all a new release of life I would say, we’ve been able to meet many interesting people on the music scene, and for us to be a small part in the industry is an enormous honour. Most of us hold down full time jobs, in our spare time we strive to stay in touch with what’s happening musically around us. We have a number of regular reviewers, one being Phil King who attends up to 4 shows a week [but doesn’t write about them all, he doesn’t have the time]. We all enjoy different genres of music, Andy Barnes, is very much into his Metal and Folk tunes, whilst Nigel Cartner enjoys the indie bands and a big Doors fan. Lorraine was a big punk fan but her tastes are becoming more varied, she recently went along to catch Awolnation. Myself I enjoy all genres of music dependant on my mood, in the past year photography has become my big thing, [I try to do as much as I can for the website, I am usually the photographer at review shows where possible, but I also review and interview – and of course do photoshoots to compliment the interviews or for personal work. I love more than anything capturing a band who has a lot of movement or charisma onstage, such as Iggy Pop this year – a memorable occasion. Each contributor brings a little bit of something special into the team.

CALENDAR: Once a year I design a ‘Mudkiss’ Calendar which features either live shots from that year – this year I have change tact slightly and used images from photoshoots I had conducted in 2011. Its one way of promoting my photography, and I hope to start a photography website one day [when life slows down – which it never seems to do]. They cost £12.50 P+P BOOK: Also each year I publish via a non profit book, this features all or most of the interviews from the previous year. I wanted all of them to be made into hard copies, its a great way to keep and read at leisure, and cost around £12 to buy. We are now on our fourth Annual, although due to the site being so active this year I have yet to start any work on it. it may be available in March 2012 or thereabouts.



Sanguine: Play Every Show Like It’s Your Last – Interview by Lorraine
The Pierces: Our Political View Is That People Should Be More Loving – Interview by Mel & Phil
The Paris Riots: Manchester’s New Revolution – Interview by Nigel Cartner
Manchester Metal: Part 2 The Bands – Interview by Andy Barnes
Manchester Metal: Part 1 The Scene – Interview by Andy Barnes
Nerina Pallot: ‘This Womans Work’ – Interview by Nigel Cartner
TJ & Murphy: Down To Their Underpants – Stripped Bare Without A Fig Leaf – Interview by Chumki Banerjee
Rise To Remain: Giving It All We’ve Got – Interview by Callum Barnes
Cosmo Jarvis: Is The World Strange – Or Are We Both Strange? Interview By Andy Barnes
The Subways: Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time Interview by Teddie Dahlin
Daniel Durack: [Thee Savage Kicks] Night Of The Hunters Interview by Den Browne
Kiria: This Is A Love Song ”“ Interview by Lorraine
The Great Wilderness: A Bright Time For The Dark Horses Interview by Phil King
Screaming Females: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman With A Guitar – Interview/Review by Nige Cartner
Sarabeth Tucek @ A Journey Out Of The Darkness – Interview by Phil & Shay
Damon Gough:Badly Misunderstood Boy – Interview by Andy Barnes
Angelspit [ZooG Von Rock]: Igniting The Imagination – Interview by Phil King
Doyle & TheFourfathers:[William Doyle] Go West Young Man Interview by Andy Barnes
Mojo Pin: The New Kidz On The Block – Interview by Callum Barnes
Viv Albertine: No Sun, No Sugar, No Alcohol – Interview by Phil King
Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Pixie Lott With A Pinch Of Salt – Interview by Chumki Banerjee
Ian McNabb: The Fire Still Burns Inside The Soul – Interview by Nigel Cartner
Dragster:[Fiona Jayne Friel] Whipping Up A Storm – Interview by Phil King & Shay Rowan
Wire: [Colin Newman] Who’s A Clever Boy Then? – Interview by Lee McFaddden
Dustland:[Adam Bray] Liverpool’s Darker Side Of Pop Interview by Mel
The Barb Wire Dolls: The New Wave Of Punk – Interview by Ted Dahlin
Colleen Caffeine: [Choking Susan]Words That Begin With C Interview by Phil King
The Suzukis: A New Breed Of Northern Band – Interview by Nigel Cartner
Sam Pickett: A Spellbinding Voice – Interview by Nigel Cartner
Vivian Girls:[Cassie Ramone] I Love Manchester – Interview by Phil & Mel
Talanas: Tonight Matthew I Am Going To Be – Interview by Andy Barnes
Casino Steel: The Boys Are Back In Town Interview by Ted Dahlin
Lucy Elizabeth Conroy: It’s Vintage Darling – Interview by Mel
Vintage Trouble: Hanging Out With The Troublemakers- Interview by Mel
JC.Carroll: Still Annoying The Neighbours With His Punk Rock Electric Guitar – Interview by Den
Rick Buckler: [The Jam] In A Different Light – Interview by Nigel Cartner
Roddy ‘Radiation’ Byers: We Weren’t Special, Just Unusual- Interview by Jack & Mel
Rasp Thorne: Tales Of The Unexpected – Interview by Lorraine
Heidi Jo Hines: A Rock n Roll Prayer Set Free – Interview by Lorraine
The Travelling Band: Now Is The Time To Burn Brightly – Interview by Andy Barnes
John Robb: Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock n’ Roll? – Interview by Mel
Funeral Party: From No-One to Knowhere – Interview by Josh Nicol
Sam Dodson: Music Is My Thang – Interview by Den Browne
Wendy James: Blowing Our Minds – Interview by Lorraine
Barbara Panther: A Breath Of Fresh Air – Interview By Josh Nicol
Alex Johnson (AKA Wonk Unit)You Bet He’s Special – Interview by Lorraine
Twin Atlantic: Free To Discover Ourselves – Interview by Nigel
Kindest Of Thieves: (Chris Fox) Stealing Our Heart And Soul – Interview by Mel
Fritz Von Runte: Nothing Has Changed, Everything Has Changed – Interview by Phil King
Tom Williams and the Boat: Waahhoo…It’s Tom and the flippin Boat – Interview by Andy
Laura Nixon: My Heart Belongs To Daddy – Interview by Mel
Lower Dens: Working Within Our Own Sphere – Interview by Phil King
The Pieces: The Kids Are Aright- Interview by Den
Slydigs: A Sly Dig At The Dead Of Indie – Interview by Andy
Nicole Atkins: Staying In The Light – Interview by Mel
Steve Hewitt (Love Amongst Ruin) – Still Running, Still Strong – Interview by Phil King
James Mattock: (Sharks) – Shark Attack – Interview by Encoule
Delta Maid: – Delta’s Just Made For The Resurgent Acoustic Scene – Interview by Andy Barnes
Rick Warwick: (Thin Lizzy) ‘Are You Ready For Thin Lizzy?’ Interview by Andy Barnes

Elsa Quarsell: All Hail The Domestic Burlesque – Interview by Mel
Karen McBride: Call Me Anything You Like Except Togger Interview by Mel
Teddie Dahlin: Sid Vicious & His Norwegian Romance – Interview by Den
On Cloud 9…Talkin’ ‘Bout The Festival with Festival Director, Hanna Cox – Interview By Nigel Cartner
Francesco Mellini: This Is My Passion – Interview by Josh Nicol
Brian Cannon: The Man Behind Microdot Creative – Interview by Nigel
Lily Stark: Naked Ambition – Interview by Mel
Trygve Mathiesen: Sid’s Norwegian Romance – Interview by Den
Danielle Tunstall: The Beauty In Horror – Interview by Mel
EyeSeeSound: The Music Industry Is Dead, Long Live Music – Interview by Dick
Shell Zenner: Radio Sweetheart – Interview by Mel


Brett Anderson @ Manchester Academy 10/10/11
Kindest Of Thieves @ The Roadhouse, Manchester 16/10/11
The Paris Riots @ Deaf Institute, Manchester 08/10/11
You Me At Six @ Music Hall, Aberdeen 10/10/2011
Nerina Pallot @ Manchester Academy 4/10/2011
The Pierces @ Manchester Academy 09/10/11
Enter Shikari/Your Demise/Let Live @ Manchester Ritz 07/10/11
Noah and the Whale/Bahamas @ Manchester Academy 07/10/11
Mike Marlin @ Hoxton Hall, London 28/09/11
Rise To Remain/The Safety Fire/Bleed from Within @ The Roadhouse, Manchester 25/09/11
Johnny Marr & The Healers @ Night & Day Café, Manchester 29/09/11
The Civil Wars/The Staves @ Night & Day, Manchester 26/09/11
The Subways/The Computers/The Dancers @ Manchester Academy 2 – 27/09/11
All The Young @ Night And Day 24/09/11
Cosmo Jarvis @ Night And Day 27/09/11
Awolnation @ XOYO, London 14/09/2011
Eric’s launch night: OMD @ Eric’s, Liverpool 10/09/11
Vic Godard And Subway Sect/The Ladykillers/Beatnik Hurricane/Mosheman @ Williamson Tunnels 10/09/2011
The Great Wilderness @ Day & Night, Manchester 13/09/11
PJ Harvey @ Manchester Apollo 08/09/11
Kurt Vile/Woods @ Sound Control, Manchester 05/09/11
Rochdale Feelgood Music Festival 03/09/11

Leeds Festival 26/08/11
Chad VanGaalen @ Deaf Institute, Manchester 21/08/11
Ian McNabb @ Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport, Manchester 11/08/11
Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine /The Bermondsey Joyriders @ O2 Academy London 06/08/11
Cloud 9 Music Festival @ Love Lane Farm, Sandbach,Cheshire 06/08/11
STP Punk All Dayer @ The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne31/07/11
Black Country Communion @ 02 Academy Glasgow 29/07/11
Lisbon @ The Ruby Lounge, Manchester 27/07/11
Find Your Feet Festival @ The Soccer Village, Milnrow, Rochdale 23/07/11
Ben & Jerry Sundae Scoop Music Festival @ Heaton Park, Manchester 23/07/11
Talanas/Spires/Incassum/Candid Iniquity @ The Witchwood 21/07/11
Vivian Girls/Waiters/Dirty Blond @ The Ruby Lounge 17/07/11
Bjork @ Campfield Market Hall, Manchester ”“ 10/07/2011
Suzukis/Twin Planets/Freedom of The City/Jack Trainer @ The Roadhouse16/07/11
Dinosaur Pile-Up @ Brudenell Social Club 13/07/11
Ray & Robby of ‘The Doors’ @ Le Bataclan 03/07/11
Vintage Trouble @ Manchester Academy 3 06/07/11
Chester Rocks Music Festival @ Chester Racecourse 03/07/11
Haigh Music Festival @ Haigh Hall, Wigan 03/07/11
Hop Farm Music Festival @ Paddock Wood, Kent 02/07/11

Morrissey/Mona @ St Georges Hall, Bradford 27/06/11
The Avett Brothers @ Shepherds Bush Empire 22/06/11
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis @ The Ruby Lounge 10/06/11
Kings Of Leon/White Lies/Mona @ L.C.C Manchester19/06/11
The Pierces/Alice Gold/Delta Maid @ The Ruby Lounge 11/06/11
Adam Ant @ Manchester Academy 05/06/11
The Travelling Band @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 10.06.11
The Lovely Eggs @ Night and Day Café ”“ 01/06/2011

Abigail Washburn @ Band On The Wall, Manchester 24/05/11
Scout Niblett/EMA/Suuns @ Islington Mill, Salford, Manchester 13/05/2011
The Touch @ The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town 23/05/11
Glasvegas @ Globens Annex, Stockholm 19/05/11
Transmitters/Hundred Ways @ St Pauls Centre, Brentford 07/05/11
Sarabeth Tucek @ The Band Room, Farndale, 06/05/11
Twin Atlantic & Guests @ Manchester Academy 06/05/11
Band Of Holy Joy/Simon Onions/DJ Jonny Mugwump @ St Pancras Old Church, London 24/04/11

The Icicle Works @ Manchester Academy29/04/11
Puressence @ The Ritz Ballroom, Manchester 20/04/11
Tom Williams and the Boat @ Night And Day Cafe 09/04/11
Jessie J/Liam Bailey/Encore @ Manchester Academy One 04/04/11
Dr Feelgood @ Montrose Town Hall 02/04/11
The Members/Jetsonics @ St Paul’s Centre, Brentford – 01/04/11
Gary Numan/Recoil/ Motor/ Mark Jones DJ set @ Manchester Academy 01/04/11

The Dum Dum Girls @ The Deaf Institue, Manchester 31/03/11
Deerhunter/Lower Dens @ Sound Control, Manchester 30/03/11
The New York Dolls @ Manchester Academy 29/03/11
The Strangers/ Wilko @ Manchester Apollo 26/03/11
Scanners/The Jade Assembly @ The Ruby Lounge 30/03/11
James Blake / Sound Boat @ Band On The Wall 26/03/11
Kate Nash @ Concorde 2, Brighton 26/03/11
Cat’s Eyes @ St Phillips Church, Salford, Manchester 14/03/11
The Charlatans: Acoustic Tour @ Oran Mor, Glasgow 21/03/11
Woods/Spectrals/The Dozzer @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester 16/03/11
Beady eye @ The Apollo, Manchester 07/03/11
Die So Fluid/Killing For Company @ The Railway, Bolton 03/03/11
Plan B/Liam Bailey @ Apollo, Manchester 02/03/11
Japanese Voyeurs/Dinosaur Pile Up @ Sound Control, Manchester 03/03/11

The Rialto Burns @ The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool 14/02/11
Grinspoon/Sucioperro/JETTBLACK @ King Tuts, Glasgow19/02/11
British Sea Power/Teeth of the Sea @ Manchester Ritz 15/02/11
The Hold Steady/Wintersleep @ The Ritz, Manchester 13/02/11
Joan As Police Woman @ Sound Control, Manchester 09/02/11
Twin Atlantic/Straight Lines/ Population 4 @ 53 Degrees, Preston 08/02/11
Deaf School @ Band On The Wall, Manchester 04/02/11
The Joy Formidable/The Chapman Family/Airship @ 04/02/11 @ Manchester Academy – coming along soon
Band Of Horses/Mojave 3/Goldheart Assembly @ Manchester Assembly 01/02/11

The Cult/Masters Of Reality/R O M A N C E @ Manchester Academy 30/01/11
Delta Maid @ The Ruby Lounge 16/01/11
Rae Morris @ Kro Bar 18/01/11
Thin Lizzy @ Manchester Apollo 15/01/11
Big Country/The Dirty Strangers/Crowns @ Islington Academy 06/01/11

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


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