mr waxMR. WAX “wax city” 7inch (Lumpy Records)
Sometimes a record comes out of nowhere and you have wonder… what the heck is going through this guys mind? Hehe… Well, the mysterious Mr. Wax indeed walks among us in human form and is apparently an Arizona native, lurking somewhere in Phoenix. Maybe he got a little too much sun at some point because this record is quite something.

Mr. Wax performs with a lumpen jittery drum machine, some ham-fisted single note analog keyboard, a bit of bass guitar, (which is actually the only almost-accomplished element of his songs), and tops it all off with a deadpan and somewhat undecided vocal delivery. The only thing that comes to mind is a lo-fi Devo on serious drugs. Possibly. Or possibly not.

Our Waxy friend treads the delicate line between inspired and WTF. And I love it! Six short tracks. I’m not sure who Mr. Wax thinks his potential audience would be, (or if he would even care).  And possibly my tolerance level may hit a wall consuming a whole LP’s worth of his stuff, but for now it’s quirky, weird and brief enough that I’m digging it.

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