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Monday 10th June 2019

4:00pm and 6:00pm                                                                                    

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle popping in

While we look to the more prestigious film festivals like Cannes for snippets of information on names like Quentin Tarantino and his highly anticipated 9th film Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood, it’s important to also look out for the festivals that highlight filmmakers at the start of their careers. This is even more important when the festival is organised by the filmmakers themselves! Hence I introduce you to the Move Film Collective and their upcoming festival which will have a big showcase at HOME.   

The collective was established in February 2019 and is run by final year filmmaking students at the Manchester School of Art, under the guidance of tutor and film producer Loran Dunn. Their aim is to create original work that pushes boundaries, and their aim as a collective is to showcase that to an audience willing to digest the content they create.

This isn’t the first time that the School has showcased work at HOME. This endeavour has been running for 3 years now and has gone under many names, 2018’s festival was called PAUSE and undertaken by MSA Productions. During the planning phase of this year’s festival, the students decided to do away with the company and become a collective, as their aims are less corporate and more collaborative.

The festival is having a big showcase at HOME in Manchester, which has a track record of nurturing and highlighting the work of local talent, including filmmakers at all levels. The two screenings will be at 4:00pm and 6:00pm respectively. Here are a few of the highlights from the showcase:

Programme 1:

Football by the People for the People directed by Jay Tomlinson – A documentary that goes behind the scenes at United FC, a football club established and run by fans who became disgruntled by how the Reds were being managed. This is a heartfelt and in-depth look at how people come together and make a go of something against many odds.

Prey directed by Anya Cinnamon Machin – A provocative look at stalking in the digital age and the effects it has on the victim. Anya has been very brave by using a personal subject as the subject of this drama, and to raise awareness of this issue that is happening on a daily basis. The film also shows us the mentalities that exist in small towns and the desire people have to escape them.

Moonsault directed by Michael Knowles – A funny look into how someone can have big dreams and aspirations, but finds a lot of obstacles in his way to achieving them. This film challenges the stereotypical body image and also comments on the prevalent issue of ‘toxic masculinity’, but in a fun and light-hearted way.

Programme 2:

Hope directed by Kieran Askew – Set in the world of high noise raves at grungy nightclubs, Hope is a kaleidoscope journey through this world as seen through the eyes of a lost soul. This film has an energy to it that will make you feel like you’re on drugs yourself.

The Beat directed by Ben Higginson – A police drama focusing on Harrison Webster’s first week on the beat. The film highlights the many trials that a police officer can face on a daily basis, but also the emotional and physical strain this high-pressure job can inflict on a person.

Late Nights directed by Charlene Jones – This film highlights an issue that couples in this modern age face, as we follow a girl who is in a relationship, but also desires other partners. This film shines a light on student life in Manchester, but does so in a professional and mature way.


More information about the films and the collective can be found here

Tickets are on now on sale for Move on Monday 10th June 2019:

1st Programme at 4:00pm: Programme 1

2nd Programme at 6:00pm: Programme 2

Tickets must be bought separately to each screening

More information about HOME can be found here


2 Tony Wilson Place
M15 4FN

All words by Jonathan Bradshaw. More writing by Jonathan can be found at his author’s archive. He can be found on at Twitter @JonnyBradshaw4. Jonathan programmed the Move Film Festival with Philippa Day, Development & Production Coordinator at Delaval Film

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