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Motorists, the Canadian jangle-pop trio, have just released their debut album, Surrounded, via a trio of labels.

The Toronto-based band are comprised of Craig Fahner, Matt Learoyd, and Jesse Locke, who first met fifteen years ago in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

Of the album, frontman Fahner explains, “Surrounded is as much about the colourful possibilities of life, as it is about the way those possibilities are boxed in by technologies, in a world where everyone’s been in their own bubble. We worked through feelings of isolation as a group to the tune of jangly guitars, infectious power-pop hooks, and a steady motorik beat. Surrounded is an album about modern living and isolation in a technologically saturated society, laden with romanticism around radical togetherness.”

Listening to the album over the last couple of weeks, it’s got a clear 80s-sounding, indie, vocally-driven focus. You can hear an eclectic mix of influences from the off: post-punk to power pop to krautrock, with perhaps the heaviest across it being IRS years, R.E.M. I did smile at the (maybe) ironic name-check for Automatic For The People on the recent single, Through To You. As well as Athens’ finest, there are also hints of original Australian punks, The Saints on the opening track and Manchester’s Blue Orchids on the track New Day.

Surrounded, despite some heavy subject matter, such as dealing with feelings of alienation examined through a political lens, is an easy album to listen and it’s easy to get lost in the Germanic beats, hooks and complex melodies.

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Motorists: Surrounded – album review
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All words by Iain Key. See his author profile here or see him on Twitter as @iainkey.

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