Don't think Moz will be playing the Golden Jubliee gig
Don't think Moz will be playing the Golden Jubliee gig

According to the Telegraph, at a gig in Argentina Morrissey’s band wore anti William and Kate Royal Wedding T shirts and David Cameron’s favourite singer courted further controversy by stating that the Falkland islands belonged to Argentina.

David Cameron was unavailable for comment…

Don't think Moz will be playing the Golden Jubliee gig
Don't think Moz will be playing the Golden Jubliee gig
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  1. I know what to do lads, lets sell more records over here by wearing these, we are spent at home and i need the money

  2. The guy is a complete and utter tool.

    Don’t get me wrong I like The Smiths but the guy just does things for publicity….The sad part is he believes everything he says is the right thing, he’s close minded and believes his own hype….People like that always fall from grace and I’m sure plenty of people will be there to point and laugh the day Morrissey does!

  3. I seldom agree with Moz and don’t care much for his music; But I’m in full support of his Republican views.

    I would love one of those tops.

  4. Would he look LESS like a ‘close minded’, ‘piss poor’ ‘massive tool’ if he or his band wore ‘I LOVE William and Kate’ t-shirts? Just a thought.

    • It’s not the t-shirts that bother me it’s his comments about the Falklands belonging to the Argentinians that bothers me…..

      • Geographically they do belong to Argentina!
        It would be like China owning the Hebrides!
        Or Spain owning a town in Morocco or America owning the UK…

  5. What’s wrong with a guy having an opinion? The world doesn’t need another unopinionated mindless pop star, it doesn’t even matter if you think he’s wrong at least he cares.

  6. I think people are forgetting that this is is Morrissey! There are more than enough artists that follow the consensus if you want them, Moz has always been one on his own – and I can’t imagine his republican views really come as a surpise to anyone here…

  7. OK you get your point, now a different point of view? The British Empire made 2 failed invasions to Buenos Aires in 1806 and 1807. Argentina got constituted as a country in 1810, incuding those islands. In 1820 the British Empire invaded the islands. Those islands are just remains of the British Empire colonies, they are as English as India or Canada. They are not “close” to Argentina, they are inside Argentinian waters and they were officially part of the country for 10 years, prior the invasion and colonisation of the British Empire. Now, the war in 1982 was a mad incursion of a non-legitimate military dictatorship… who was put there in the first place by the USA. In fact, after the war not only Argentinian dictatorship fell, but all military dictatorships in Latin America. The war proved to the USA and their allies (guess who?) that they can´t trust South American Armies to rule the countries anymore and they all fall in the subsequent years. I don´t give a flying shit about those islands anyway, just thougth that you guys could calm down and use some perspective… chauvinism is not good for anybody, peace! And Morrissey rules, give the islands to him and everybody will be happy!!!

  8. ‘Good work Morrissey! I can\’t believe how conservative everyone is nowadays!’

    I could not agree more.

    Well done Morrissey…and I don’t even like The Smiths.


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