Morrissey Reveals He Is Being Treated For CancerNews has just come in that Morrissey, after being repeatedly hospitalised over the past year and a half, has had a series of cancer treatments.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Morrissey was asked about his frequent bouts of illness and is quoted as replying:

“I’ve had cancerous tissue cut off on four occasions now, but what more can you do? If I die, then I die. And if not, then I don’t.

“At the moment I feel well. I’m aware that the last photos that were published of me I looked worse but that’s what ill people look like. I’m not going to worry about it. I’ll relax when I’m dead.”

He continued:

“Right now I feel good. I am aware that in some of my recent photos I look somewhat unhealthy, but that’s what illness can do. I’m not going to worry about that, I’ll rest when I’m dead.”

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