Morrissey refuses to sign autograph because he has ‘ebola’








It’s that time honoured interaction – the autograph- the name scribbled on apiece of paper that will be left rotting in the attic for years when the songs are long forgotten. Some stars like Ringo make declarations of never signing them again and some will spend hours making sure everyone get what they want and some will tease with their mighty quills.


Morrissey, of course, is different.

And most amusing.

In a sick and dark way…

Picture the scene. It’s Los Angeles airport and the bequiffed crooner is striding purposely through the endless concrete. A fan approaches and asks for an autograph and was archly told that he could not have at the scribbled almost childlike monicker because Moz has ‘ebola’.

The fan saw the amusing side to the quip and left empty handed but still thrilled to have met the enigmatic singer.

Is it his duty to sign your booty?

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  1. I think in my opinion, it is not his duty to sign Autographs. It is good manners to sign an
    autograph, or pose for a photo if requested. I am going to see him perform next month
    and I could not care less about meeting him!


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