You’ve already seen reviews of Morrissey’s first two dates in Japan during his current world tour. This, the final date, see’s him back in Tokyo & is once again reviewed by Katie Clare.

…..So is this the end of the love affair?

This Japan voyage is at its culmination, Morrissey’s last conquest is back in Tokyo at The Garden Hall, Ebisu a slightly incongruous venue for music events. The AsiaPacific chapter of PETA is there and doing a fine job, it was interesting to hear that while in Japan Morrissey had written a letter to Mr. Tadashi Yanai President of Uniqlo, in relation to the companies Australian wool purchases from farmers who practice ‘mulesing’. The audience is exceptionally diverse and everyone is in a noisily excited mood.

Tonight Boz is looking the definition of glam in black the rest of the band are in golden Speedo’s and after they make their bow”ËœLet Me Kiss You’ floats in its sweeping balladry rising like summer heat, Morrissey’s face and body a myriad of emotions ”and I think I’ve found mine” shoulders and brow ferocious, defiant, confident “Let me kiss you, let me kiss you” arms open disparaged and desperate. “I’ve heard you’ll try anything once” the words say; vilifies, his expression says; to me!

There is no point fighting, no point denying, seduced we are. It drips from every louche shimmy, licentious smile and slightly glazed eyes of devotion we have thrown out at the open strains of every song that has been played this tour. Morrissey is and always will be a person, lyricist and singer of infinite texture, intelligence and allure. The audience is awash with flowers, “Welcome to my garden” he says secretly “Enter the tiny jungle at your peril”

For the first time during his Japan tour ”ËœDon’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice’ is unexpected included tonight. It has been delightful, intriguing and enthralling to have a change of show each night. You do find your pre-show beers are awash with groups engaging in will he – won’t he sing chatter.

”ËœAlma Matters’ feeling like a refusal, tenderly expressed. Morrissey’s body is a falling glass of red wine ”“ he lolls, slinks and pours “So the life I have made May seem wrong to you But I’ve never been surer”. The plaintive dictation and mellifluous rhythm are the perfect rhetoric and live it is so honeyed and fluid you just want to hold it ~ forever.

“Just in case you have any doubts, I must tell you, we are very nice people and as we travel here and we travel there we find people are the same ”¦” The crowd loud and enthused finishes the sentence for him. It is a warm, friendly and joyous crowd the band seems in gregarious moods and Morrissey is all engaging sweetness, it’s hard to spot someone without a huge grin tonight.

Another first for the final night ”ËœShoplifters of the World Unite’ everyone is singing, all flowers aloft and everyone feels they are sharing a secret with their co-conspirator in devious and wicked endeavors

The simple melodic theatricality of ”ËœI’m Throwing My Arm’s Around Paris’ is more verbose tonight, and plays well in a capital city so many have come to – to escape, to heal or to dissipate. His shoulders, arms and hands are unabashedly thrown out in open gestures of longing. ”ËœSpeedway’ is given a discordant marching new vocal arrangement, then the sound holts, the room goes dark and Morrissey’s speaks out to an almost silenced audience “Space is going to throw you, space can even kill you but space will never love you like I do”

“Is this the beginning or is this the end?” asks Morrissey the Japanese flag wrapped around his waist. We finish again with an encore duo ”ËœFirst of the Gang to Die’ (dedicated again to Oscar Wilde) “Now the curtain closes please, please remember me smiling” he says the packed room is swaying in unison as a melodic ”ËœEveryday is Like Sunday’ the crowd louder and louder as the music builds “Tears, tears. tears” he sing speaks “Tokyo I love you, Tokyo. Tokyo” he states. Holding aloft the Nissoki he leaves the stage.

Revered? Undoubtedly. Reviled? Regularly. Relevant? Unquestionably. In a sea of vacuous botoxed doll heads, on subsequently more preposterous caricatures of human bodies and supercilious, vapid synchronized mannequins, Morrissey is the face, body and soul who’s expressing honestly emotions, desires and fears he is a rare and precious reality. Daily doses of same same punditry, apathetic youth and authority abstruse and false, we need the verbally combative, the questioners of the established dogma, the ridiculers of position and the moral perfectionists to highlight shameful behaviors. Morrissey is all this and more, they, you, we, I may question his proclamations and the execution of them. However right or wrong I wouldn’t want the world without this antithetical, poetic and unique individual.

All words & photo’s by Katie Clare. For more of Katies work click here.

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