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Brace yourself Moz fans, Morrissey has put another statement up on his website, where the controversial singer praises the right-wing For Britain party and calls time on the Conservatives, Labour and the loony left whilst pointing out that he is not racist.


For Britain was formed by Ann Marie Waters after she lost the UKIP leader contest (which Morrissey controversially commented on at the recent 6music radio session).

For Britain is seen as the sort of heir to the BNP and the EDL. Tommy Robinson is a fan. They are running in the council elections.

The latest statement has not gone down very well…

Read his latest statement and make your own mind up here…

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  1. I dont see his views as controversial moz isnt afraid to say what he thinks whats wrong with that nothing

  2. I’d say Morrissey was an irrelevance, except I know too many people who believe that he can do no wrong and lap up everything he says. I did at least think there was intelligence there, but having just read the For Britain website and its unreferenced claims about sharia courts, Islamization, lack of freedom of speech, how efforts to stop the police being racist have made them racist, etc etc, I can only conclude that Morrissey is an ignorant person and due to his influence dangerous. Does the British political system need change? Absolutely? Does it need another far-right, isolationist party? Absolutely not.

  3. I think we should all take a good look around and be thankful for what still have. In another ten years it’s all going to be ten times worse.

    Successive governments have ruined what once could have been a good country. They have woefully mismanaged some great opportunities.

    Everyone I know is too scared to say what really needs to be said – and so we drift further into this lopsided malaise.

    I have never minded immigration, but it must be managed fairly so that it doesn’t become a problem for not only those who have lived here for generations, but also for those who would like to live here.

    But that won’t happen, it’s just a dream. Living in harmony, it won’t happen now.

    We’re are truly living the last of the good times, so enjoy it whilst it lasts.

  4. I have been a Morrissey fan for 35+ years.
    However, he is a grumpy old man and his behaviour is typical of someone born in a time way before the joining of the Common Market of 1974.
    He, like many of us, see the dichotomy in politics and has faith in neither.
    Unfortunately, any party that joins the system becomes part of the system. Some people go into politics because they truly want to make a difference; however, immediately they do they just become one of the same type that has gone before. They have no individual power, on the whole they have to toe the party line. Tarred with the same brush they wished to perhaps rebel against and limited as to what you can actually do.
    Morrissey is making a case for another party; he makes sure he claims he is neither racist or fascist before declaring his interest in a right-wing party with members who may have been known to have racist/fascist tendencies. It’s the whole ‘I don’t mean to be rude, but…’
    People of Moz’s age group and beyond (and I speak generally, but I also speak with a brother of that age) hark back to a time when ‘it was better before…’. Yes, with black and white TVs and the winter of discontent and blackouts; rationing of food and corporal punishment and holidays by the English seaside. Rose-coloured spectacles on a sepia past.
    So, let him have his say. We don’t need to agree with him; heaven knows he has said enough controversial stuff in the past. Every so often he pops up with his ‘don’t forget about me!’ statements before going back to..well, wherever he chooses to hide out from the world he so clearly holds in disdain.
    Even these few responses feed Moz, give him oxygen. We need to be more upset about the actual political culture in the country, not what a singer says.
    We need to join forces like the Suffragettes did, to get real action. Enough people came out on the streets when Diana died: if we had the same call to arms to protest about OUR lives in OUR country, perhaps we could have an effect. But it’s easier to sit on the settee watching ‘reality’ TV, eh.

    • Great reply Jon- interestingly though – many of the Suffragettes took a Morrissey Stryker path in later life…

  5. Is this the Morrissey who hasn’t lived in Britain for nearly quarter of a century?

    In that case he doesn’t qualify to even hold an opinion on the place, let alone express one.

    Get yourself down to Trotters Bar with Lydon and talk about distant lands with him.

  6. Divorced from the reality of day to day life in his own City never mind the country he left a quarter of a century ago.

    He has his right to his opinion, as deluded and out of touch as it may be.

    I have always thought him somewhat of a cock and this makes me think no different particularly.

    His opinion may appeal to some who think he can say and do no wrong, to most though, I would hope they will listen to the words of those he champions and realise they are right wing and fascistic.

    He espouses not to be either, but I don’t think he really knows what he is or truly thinks any more.

    He is reactionary, grumpy,old and out of touch.

    Let him sweat it off in LA or whichever luxury pile he is currently ensconced in.

  7. He hasn’t really said anything about the new party so what does he like about it ? That is what I would like to know …

    Big Wow – Labour and the Tories are rubbish … that’s big news – Not !

    He’s a grumpy, lonely old man who is responsible for some of the greatest music and lyrics of all time . I can separate the two.

    Deeply unhappy people need comfort in ideologies and they also need a side to bat for … this maybe the case with Moz here … I don’t know him personally …

    I too think more about “British Culture” when I’m abroad, while I’m in Britain I’m more concerned with creating it, changing it and just living through it …


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