Morrissey former bodyguard files lawsuit against himApparently, where there’s a hit there’s a writ or so they say and they keep coming from the most unlikely places.

Morrissey’s latest critically acclaimed album may have seen him back in the charts but there is a new court case he will have to contend with.

Apparently his former bodyguard, Bradley Steyn, has filed a lawsuit against the singer, TMZ reports (so already in the realms of gossip silliness).

This one sound s bit bizarre with  Steyn  claiming that he was fired for not accepting request to, ahem, ‘hurt’  the operator of the fan site

The site had apparently made Moz unhappy by ‘invading’ his private life leading tot he singer asking his bodyguard if he could ‘hurt’ the person behind it and if he could be ‘could be gotten rid of’ because the site was ‘invading his private life’ and if he could get the operator’s address. Steyn apparently refused and was sacked shortly afterwards.

Sounds like an episode of some fictional gangster TV series…and it’s a good job Fergal Kinney who reviewed the last Morrissey album on the site liked it… (only joking!)

You may have noticed we have used the word ‘apparently’ a lot in this piece…



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