Morrissey © Melanie Smith
Morrissey © Melanie Smith

Morrissey © Melanie SmithNo stranger to controversy Morissey has been stirring murky waters yet again. Whilst his fans either ignore him or hope he is being ironic or he is taking a longer point of view than just the headlines, his latest controversy saw him claiming that the UKIP leadership election was rigged to keep the anti-Islam campaigner out, a candidate who even Nigel Farage said was too extreme.

Of course he could have meant that the leadership election was rigged and he was not supporting any candidate or policy or he could be winding up the liberals or causing trouble or he could have supported the candidate, or supporting Ann Marie Waters – a former labour politician from the left, Lesbian and feminist who is concerned by the rise of Islam in Europe and using UKIP as her platform now or he could be giving the old hornets best a shake…you decide!

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    • Very much not. “Racist” hasn’t changed meaning as far as I’m aware. CF: EDL/BNP/BF/NA/NF.
      Racists all either because they hate Muslims (who mostly tend to be conveniently non-Caucasian) or because of some other twisted worldview that elevates Caucasians above other races/ethnic groups.

      • You have a very simplistic understanding of the situation. First of all, there are many hundreds of thousand Caucasian muslims in the world; secondly, critics of Islam are opposed to its fascist, mysoginistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic ideology. They oppose it for the same reasons that they oppose Nazism or any other totalitarian belief system. It has nothing to do with skin colour.

  1. I have never agreed with everything that so called, celebrities, say or are accused of saying. However, Morrissey has always been critical of the Worlds religions including Catholicism and Islam. Morrissey a racist seems unlikely – he allows a spanish member of his band to sing in Spanish during a gig. Morrissey a mouth that works, at times, quicker than his brain seems more likely along with Joe Strummer, John Lydon and Mark E Smith and just about anybody else you care to mention. If you look at the Maida Vale gig, you will see that all the band members are wearing T-Shirts emblazoned with the Slogan ‘The Return Of The Black Panthers’, hardly the move of a racist bandleader. Half the bands featured on this site; i.e Cockney Rejects, Exploited and other, so called punk bands, and others of their ilk (Oi! Skinhead / Punk Crossover) have a less than cursatory slant to the Right but at times a positive Swastica and Nazi swagger.At the end of the day Morrissey is a fairly ineffectual pop star, compared to the impact that Theresa May, Donald Trump etc have on the World. The anti royalist star bashing is just another media distraction from what’s really important.


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