Morrissey biopic rumoured – works to start soon on ‘Steven’ – who will play Moz?

Meat Is Murder


The film of the book of the life of the life of the book of the film- the Morrissey biopic is rumoured to be on the cards.


Rumoured to be called ‘Steven’ the film could well be based on the recent best selling Morrissey book.

But who is going to play the part of Moz…


1. James Dean – surely Moz’s number one choice – he was wrote a book about Jimmy Dean and has ¬†whiff of him about his personnae- problem is that he is dead…

2. Mark E Smith – the curveballs choice and the curveballs curveball – maybe if the recent Frank Sidebottom is anything to go go by there is plenty of space for creative licence.

3. Morrissey – well he would know the story better than most people

4. Linder – well she is the coolest person to come out of Manchester and the rumoured muse of all things Moz- would make for an interesting twist…

5. Mike Joyce – Very unlikely!

6. John Robb – well the LTW boss has the quiff- albeit his own version

7. Johnny Depp – has history of playing off the wall, slightly surreal characters

8. George Clooney – handsome enough for Moz?

9. El Vez – Elvis enough for Moz?

10. Russell Brand – Mate of Moz – but get a hair cut…



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  1. Always thought, if he grew a quiff, Will Young has the requisite under-bite!

  2. Ginger Baker. He’s the only person bitter and twisted enough for the role.

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