Rammstein make love to the audienceWe have just heard more clues about Rammstein’s first album for ten years.

A recent interview with guitarist on United Rock Nations Radio Richard Kruspe revealed two new big pieces of information – one was that the mixing on the album will begin next month, and that the German industrial metal veterans plan to embark on a three-year tour in support of the album.

When asked about touring plans with his own Emigrate project he replied,  “I really don’t have time for that. I’m going to Los Angeles in the middle of December to mix the Rammstein record. After that, [Rammstein] are in the middle of tour preparation, and then we’re gonna be on tour for the next three years.”

 Rammstein will be performing a pair of New Year’s shows in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and have also announced a 2019 European stadium tour.

As for the direction of the album Kruspe said, “Music-wise, I think it’s richer when it comes to harmonies and melodies. That was also something that I was trying to do, because in the past, every time you talked about Rammstein, it’s all about this big burden about the show and the fire. Nobody really talks about the music, which is, to me, as a [music] writer, kind of a slap in your face. It was also important to me that we kind of step up, music-wise, in a way. It’s almost like Rammstein 3D, I would describe it.”

The album will be mixed by Rich Costey, who has twiddled the knobs for bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Muse.

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