Monster Truck - True Rockers

Monster Truck
Monster Truck - True Rockers

True Rockers

Mascot Records

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The third release from Canadian rockers Monster Truck is here and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It Rocks!

Subtlety, that’s not what you’re expecting to get from a Monster Truck record. However, this one has a few really mature tracks that showcase just how good the band’s songcraft is. As good as they are at the anthemic shout-a-long stompers, I think they are at their very best when the party level is turned down a notch and their smoldering bluesy soul is let loose.

True Rockers begins with an almighty monster of a tune with guest vocals from Dee Snider. It sounds exactly as you imagine it would with the ingredients. Refined and subtle it’s not. It will pick you up and carry you along like a freight train though, punchy and energetic, not a single moment to catch your breath. Absolutely belting and bound to be a stunner in the live show.

Thundertruck is a gorgeous mele of hard rock and delicious organ, complete with shout-a-long chorus and driving hook. Evolution has a little less energy, but a lot more soul and starts to show some nuances to their songs.

Devil Don’t Care is one of my favorites from Thundertruck, Jon Harvey’s vocals on the first minute are gorgeous, full of character and depth, then they slam into a foot-stomping blues-drenched track that’s hard not to immediately tag on repeat.

The rest of the record is a mixture of fast paced, high energy hard rock. It’s a little repetitive in places, but entertaining throughout and thoroughly enjoyable.Standouts are Devil Don’t Care, Denim Danger and the last track, The Howlin’ which not only has you reaching for the track repeat, it also has you nudging the volume up a little higher. Again, the intro with Harvey’s vocals slowly building into a refined rage is absolutely enchanting.

When they let loose Monster Truck tear the roof off, like an explosion, full of raw energy. When that rage is contained a little, they turn into a different creature entirely, one that will stare you in the eyes and steal your soul. I’ve still got The Howlin’ on repeat…

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All words by Neil Johnson. More writing by Neil Johnson can be found at Neil’s archive. Neil is also on Instagram as @gigtog and has a  website here:

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