Monolith Cult: Run From The Light – Album ReviewMonolith Cult: Run From The Light (Future Noise)
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By Monolith Cult’s own admission, this is ‘heavy f***ing rock, giving good times for the end times’. For Louder Than War Dom Walsh gets a taste of Armageddon.

Hailing from Bradford, Run From The Light is Monolith Cult’s debut long player, on Manchester based Future Noise Recordings.

Opening up with a crushingly heavy, doomy riff, Monolith Cult immediately set their stall out. The riffs are thick and the drumming is slow. When the vocals on Sold Down The River hit, the track, and the band already sound accomplished in their quest. Clocking in at nearly ten minutes, the band hit their stride completely around the two minute mark. The pace quickens for a short period and the track gets heavier and heavier. Tempo changes are a key feature of this record. Monolith Cult execute each one succinctly and perfectly.

The title track again sticks to the same formula with the tempo changes keeping things interesting. A mid section that has a lonesome bass accompanied by terrific slow drumming, accompanies spoken word elements damning God and the bible. Blind Watchmaker’s rolling, groove laden riffs are first class, and this provides a massive highlight of the album.


Closing tracks, Human Cull and Suicide & Heroin provide more fantastic, earth shattering moments. Suicide & Heroin in particular is seven and a half minutes of pure, trudging, sludgy, metal bliss. A solo bass melody opens the track before a blistering, pressing riff bludgeons you into submission. The middle section of the track is a complete and utter, head down, neck wrecking beast. Although the album is certainly a typical doom record, there are definite nods to Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Rainbow throughout. Heads will nod in unison and fists will be pumped with the monstrous riffage on parade here. Couple this with the bleak and blasphemous nature of the lyrical content, and you have a debut that harks back to the godfathers of the genre Black Sabbath. If Cathedral, St Vitus, and Dio are your thing then this will be your thing too.


Monolith Cult can be found on Facebook here.

All words by Dom Walsh. You can read more from Dom at his author’s archive here. Dom also tweets as @bwfcdom83.

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