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Nathan Brown takes a listen to the first EP from South East London punk rock trio, Missile, and finds they have deployed a mix of influences and styles from Conflict to the Dolls – and even Nirvana – but their heart is firmly in the streets of London.

As a fairly new outfit, but all experienced musicians, Missile have banged out this EP themselves, gigging in London and as far west as Bournemouth. Working as hard as they are, I figured they deserved a spotlight to be shone on them.

The eponymous title track with it’s stop-start tune contains a clear homage to Conflict and Crass, lifting a few lyrics from each, although it doesn’t immediately sound like either band. “Stand up for what you’ve got, it’s a Missile attack” is angry attitude while cleverly self referencing themselves – something of a longstanding post-modern tradition. Punk innit!

Gentrification is very much a punk rock affair with a bit of a Heartbreakers rock’n’roll meets back street thug vibe. No prizes for guessing what this joyful little ditty concerns. When the vocal declares “Gentrification makes me really angry. London has gone, everyone else is moving out” it’s part Rejects and Sham “sound of the streets” and part heartbroken response to The Clash’s love affair with the capital.  The old London of semi dereliction in the Clash’s day was a playground for punk to thrive (and as we have heard through countless social histories, its post WW2 bombsites were quite literally a playground for kids growing up in the inner city!). Now it’s all fixed up it has become a playground for the rich, pushing all others out.

Both Fat Cat and Gutter are more guitar driven and, I might even venture, post-punk.  I’m sure if I told the band this I’d receive a “You facking what?” from Missile, “I’ll post punk you in a minute” although they would soon wind their necks in when I mentioned it demonstrates their technical ability and a love of a great tune. On the former, angular riffs build into a driving tune kinda like The Hives battling it out with Foo Fighters, breaking down then building back up. On the latter there’s a hint of glam, and a touch of grunge. All hailing from punk roots. And as their Facebook URL contains “punkistheonlyway” I guess that’s to be expected


You can find Missile on Reverbnation and Facebook, and probably your local small music venue if they have their way.

Words by Nathan Brown. More from Nathan can be found over at his Louder Than War Author Archive.

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Nathan got bitten by the punk rock bug at the tender age of 7, when The Kids Were United and Sid Was Innocent. Since then, inspired by the anarcho-punk movement he has played in numerous bands including Armoured Flu Unit, Liberty, Abrazos, Whole In The Head & Haywire; written for zines, promoted gigs and was one half of DJ outfit Aggro-Culture Sound System. He has No Gods, No Masters and since meeting many of them has No More Heroes.


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