Misfits at war! Glenn Danzig to sue Jerry Only for breach of a 1994 agreement related to Misfits merchandise

Civil war has struck the Misfits camp with former band leader Glenn Danzig to sue Jerry Only for a breach of a 1994 agreement related to Misfits merchandise.

The case revolves around a 1994 agreement between the pair where they agreed to share the Misfits trademark and related imagery- a high stakes case as the Misfits artwork is some of the most coveted and successful in punk rock. It turns out, that according to the case that Jerry Only has licensed the image to Hot Topic and other companies, without Danzig’s consent.
This has resulted in Misfits related apparel including Misfits Bikinis, Misfits Motorcross gear, and Misfits Ugg boots. Further, Danzig alleges that Only filed for federal trademark registration in 2000, and did not list Danzig as one of the mark’s owners. Danzig also alleges that Only threatened to withhold licensing rights to companies if they did business with Danzig at all.


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