Minny Pops doing the ultra post punk thing...
Minny Pops doing the ultra post punk thing…
Minny Pops are the Amsterdam based band who were the key post punk band in Holland and were associated with Factory Records.
They play the Lexington this Monday Nov 26th at an event put on by our friends from The Quietus.

They toured the UK last year and the gigs were really good

The gig is a coproduction between The Quietus and Tim Burgess/O Genesis – Tim and Nik from Factory Floor are DJing.

Full info and tickets and whatnot here http://www.thelexington.co.uk/event?id=1801

Support band is Pavlov’s Children and a story by Ian Rankin being read by the actor who played Tony Wilson in Control.

There’s an interview with him here http://thequietus.com/articles/10706-minny-pops-interview


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