Mini Festival In Manchester With Jah Wobble And Loads Of Classic Amps…The genius that is Jah Wobble will be playing a mini festival in Altrincham on 17th August.

It’s a mini festival between a new guitar shop and a new record shop just up the road called Beatnik.

It’s kind of a celebration of independent music shops returning to the area and independent labels. The organisers have collaborated with Chris Hewitt who owns OZIT records and he is supplying some of his vintage equipment. On the day we have live in stores with George Borowski, Parlour Flames and Jah Wobble. The day will also feature a playback of Ummagumma through the PA belonging to Pink Floyd used for the album. Chris is also bringing down the Vox amp that belonged to George Harrison and was used for Revolver and SGT Pepper. Bonehead is going to do a couple of Beatles songs through it too!

That evening Wobble is doing a full gig at the Cinnamon club in Bowdon too.

Heres the link to the Facebook event page.



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