Miley Cyrus is Back With New Single ‘Midnight Sky’

Miley Cyrus

Midnight Sky

RCA Records

Released on August 14th – All Formats

From Disney, to country singer, to teen rocker, to pop star – what is next in line for the eccentric and ever-growing Miley Cyrus? Hannah Montana really doesn’t exist anymore – that’s for sure. Reveling in creative freedom, and directing her own music video for new track ‘Midnight Sky’ – after all these years, Cyrus is finally doing things on her own terms. Having previously lashed out to the media, and making them appalled with music videos such as Wrecking Ball (2013) and Can’t Be Tamed (2010) Miley’s never been one to be afraid of ruffling a few feathers.

However, new track Midnight Sky which was released August 14th channels a sort of modern day Fleetwood Mac essence, re-engaging with her slight rock phase (‘7 Things’). In fact, Stevie Nicks’s 1981 single, ‘Edge of Seventeen’ has been sampled for Cyrus’s new track, which probably explains the Fleetwood Mac vibes. Midnight Sky is a real mix of genres; pop, rock, and disco combined.

Although a lot more ‘tame’ than her previous work – Midnight Sky still harbors that staple Miley sound and aesthetic. Embracing her inner Joan Jett, with a short mullet and dripped in Chanel and crystals, and bathing in multi-coloured jawbreakers – the music video just screams Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus is Back With New Single ‘Midnight Sky’

A professional at pop bangers, Miley is ever growing, constantly developing, and always trying to find her true self, and I absolutely love being able to watch the constant metamorphosis she endures throughout her growing career.

Watch Midnight Sky now:

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