number 4 in Erica Nockall’s top 5 albums Shostakovich – Violin Concerto No. 2

This is the only composer I can think of that I find as enjoyable to play as
I do to listen to. A lot of his music is angular, progressive, tender,
aggressive, horrifically disturbing at times with moments of ecstatic beauty
and real passion. Many find it hard to listen to, not to mention difficult
to play. I’m not going to argue with that – some of it is, but it’s
definitely worth the effort.
I performed his 2nd Violin Concerto as a major part of my degree in order to
graduate from the Birmingham Conservatoire and it was my proudest and most
accomplished moment to date as a violinist in a classical sense. That was
the longest I’ve ever spent over learning one piece and as I result of
investing so much time into understanding this music, I feel very close to

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