number 3 in Erica Nockall’s top 5 albums Roxy Music – Country Life

It’s arguably not a perfect album as far as things like tuning are
concerned, and technically speaking some performances could be tighter… so
why on earth choose it? Eddie Jobson’s violin solo in Out Of The Blue,
that’s why. It’s possibly one of the best violin solos in the history of
rock and I never tire of hearing it in all it’s flanged glory. As a
violinist I’ve tried to learn how to play this amazing bit of artistry and
it can’t be done. There are so many wonderful things going on in this solo
with masses of crazy 70’s effects, it’s virtually impossible to pin down
what exactly is being played. I absolutely love that I can’t figure it out
and recreate it for myself (and believe me, I’ve tried) so this for me
remains inspiration musical magic.
It could be said that stylistically this album does sound a bit cobbled
together, but I adore this record for how many different styles there are
within it. It’s a great example of doing exactly as you please in music and
not caring about the consequences. When people write to please themselves,
that’s when the good stuff happens. Musical bravery is to be applauded and
this is a marvellous example.

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