Miki from Lush has announced her new band Piroshka on the Lush Instagram page. The line up also includes Justin Welch formerly of Elastica.

Our dear friend John Henderson has been in touch to inform us ‘The name is what they call “Little Red Riding Hood” in Hungarian (part of Miki’s ancestry is Hungarian) and no one’s going to pronounce it right! PEE-roash-ka is what it should be.’

We are intrigued…




  1. I love Miki Berenyi, and I loved Lush, but I feel like this band are jumping the gun with all the heavy promo stuff before there’s actual music in our hands/ears. All the tour dates selling out and promo shots and stuff. I mean, good for them that they’ve got the clout to do that, but it all feels a bit empty, for the time being. At least release one song as a taster before all this hype.


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