Screenshot 2018-11-20 at 23.11.39This is a prime example of why I absolutely adore D.I.Y motivated projects! Much love and respect go out to the illustrious Pete Hope for carrying through, yet again another rousingly stimulating collaborative sonic art-piece.

This time around, Hope unifies with artist/ producer, T.B Confirmed with the wax-bound sounds of ‘Apple Eye’ (pH2 mix) & ‘White Grass’ – No 2 through independent, Athens based label KiNETiK Records who have released a limited numbered edition of 50 clear 10-inch records with CD & bonus tracks.

On spinning this thin wedge of wax I’m quick to learn that the ‘Apple Eye’ (pH2 mix) release stands as a stomping, head-meltingly kaleidoscopic, bubbling acid track that lays down unnerving juxtaposition layers of sound throughout, providing a disjointed, erratic feel to the records overall atmosphere, with only the vocal glue of Mr. Hope to create a hypnotic cohesion that’s filled with abstract truths amongst his authentic avant-grade poetry.

On the flip-double AA side, I am drawn into an intoxicating electronic sludge, where a plethora of sonic undercurrents scratch, tear, fuzz, bubble and pop their way into my headspace. This acid-laced audio soup throws daggers and knives in its rawness as this track provides something for your subconscious to tap into as well as being jolted right, left and center consciously by these deliberately uncompromising sounds. Pete’s distorted vocals bring forth an extra discombobulated atmosphere as his lyrics are laced with a lost despair, although this is projected through a thin slither of hope and deep hankering. There exists a feeling of ‘what just happened’ as the needle bobs to the end of this record.

As part of Pete’s personal sale of this current release, he has also graciously attached his eponymous summer project with the elusive artist/producer Iv/an, along with strikingly exclusive artwork which I have photographed below. In these creatively liberating projects, I totally admire that brilliant burst of unique creative energy which feeds down right through to the very last in these collaborative works, leaving always a very special, indelible mark……..

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